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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Mayasmum, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Mayasmum

    Mayasmum Well-known Member

    Has anyone used one before?
    Did you find the experience worthwhile? Accurate?
    I'm usually reasonable sceptical about these things but I'm an open minded person and curious to hear other's experiences.
    Sorry if its been done before.
    I don't want this to turn into a brawl between believers and non-believers!!! Just how people have found their experience in general, hepful or not????
  2. QH Rulz

    QH Rulz Well-known Member

    My experience.... Helpful, very informative and reasonably accurate.

    i was very scepticle about it, only went along with it for my mums sake, but was very amazed at what was being communicated. she even said some interesting things about me which have been spot on....

    each person has their own opinion, most will think its Bu****ht but in my experience it was very enlightning.
  3. leah

    leah Well-known Member

    Amazing experiance that brought Jay and his horse closer together, If you want more details PM me. Im a total Sceptic too......... LOL
  4. Gaylou

    Gaylou Guest

    Have to agreeeee qhrulz I think it is Bu**!!*! Its common sense for animal people who know animals....
    Enlightening is for people themselves.
  5. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    I have met some lovely people that honestly think they can communicate with animals via various means, but I have not heard anything that is not:
    1. Common horse or training sense
    2. What the owner wanted to hear
    3. Laughable

    One thing I do know that if you are starting to consider this option it means you are a bit frustrated or depressed with how your training is going. I cant stress enough how much more beneficial some time with Saltriver, WHH, Vanessa Hancock or the other professional trainers would be to help the situation instead.

    A good horse trainer is a far superior "animal communicator" than anyone that labels themselves an "animal communicator"! **)
  6. Mayasmum

    Mayasmum Well-known Member

    Hi Retro
    I thought you might weigh in on this. ;)
    I'll just briefly go through my horsey status at the moment...

    I'm not frustrated or depressed with my training at all.

    Maya and I are finally clicking, I've been getting an instructoir for weekly groundwork sessions for the past month and I can't BELIEVE how much progress we've made!! By our third lesson she actually started looking at me and asking me, "what next?"...the first two lessons she spent the whole time pining for her paddock buddies and couldn't care less about me, so I'm really happey with things. She's off to Watkins horse handlers in January to be re-started under saddle. I'll be doing as much groundwork with her as I can until then.

    I had a beautiful ride on my new horse the other day, I got him so I could finally go for a ride while Mayya gets sorted. It was our first ride off the property and he was perfect (except not confident to go anywhere near the creek or puddles in general!)

    I'm just generally curious about what our horses would have to say to us...sounds a bit ridiculous, as I'm well aware they are constantly speaking to us with their body language, but I guess sometimes its a bit fuzzy to interpret.

    I was curious as to other people's experience as its interesting to me. I would never substitute it myself for proper handling and training if there's a problem....

    I'm open to all opinions!
  7. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    My comment is a general one and so it should be because you sound like you are doing great. But I reckon you should have faith you are already communicating with Maya very efficiently!
  8. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    I'm a sceptic too, but here's a story for you. My horsey friend in the UK had a mare with a lot of potential to go all the way in showjumping. My friend was offered 10,000 UK pounds for her ($25,000) which she turned down. After competing her for a while she felt that something was not quite right and after trying the usual called out an animal communicator. To cut a long story short, the mare "said" that she never had a chance to say goodbye to her dam which was worrying her (I was looking v sceptical at this point when Pam was telling me!!) My friend found out that the mares dam was a grey and that the mare wanted some time out from competing to get over this. The mare wanted to go out with another grey that she knew and this would settle her down back to her work again. Pam put her out on spell to give her time out but at home and not with a grey as requested through the communicator. Once back in work the mare was still unsettled so Pam eventually found the grey that her horse wanted to go out on spell with and the 2 horses had a great time for a couple of months. Once brought back into work again she was happy.
    It's weird that she'd had a spell before without a grey and was still unsettled but after being out with a grey settled down again!!
    Anyway, the mare competed sucessfully for a while after that but is now a broody popping out jumpers!
    I still don't know if I'm a believer but I must admit to being more open minded now.
  9. Mayasmum

    Mayasmum Well-known Member

    Thanks Retro :)
    I appreciate your opinion and generally agree with you. Just wanted to give some insight to myself so i don't get dozens of posts telling me to get a 'real' trainer! I have had problems with Maya so it would be easy to make assumptions based on my past posts!!
  10. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    You can't prove there's a god but there are millions of people who insist on believing in one.

    Hi Mayasmum,there are plenty of charlatans out there so just make sure you use someone who has been reccomended. It can't hurt can it. I personally believe it is more likely that there are people with this gift then there's a god. But like religion it's upto each of us to decide what is real and what isn't.;)

    Good luck.
  11. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    I actually reckon this kind of stuff can "hurt" people or at least "mess with their heads". I have generally found that this kind of thing (animal communication etc etc) is a magnet to people that are generally lovely, caring, intelligent people...reason being is that these type of people try to problem solve horse problems like they would if they had a problem with another person. These are the type of people who would sense you had a issue with them and want to sit down and talk about it to sort it out.....so when things go wrong with a horse the option of sitting down and talking with the horse to sort out the issue sounds good!

    The only thing is these people are more likely to take on board what the "animal communicator" said. For instance I have heard of someone that is regularly using an animal communicator, the communicator told them the horse likes to be ridden on Tuesdays after 3pm....hence the person has taken this on board and is now having to wait months before her instructor has that timeslot free for a lesson! It has just added another bit of paranoia to the poor person that has training issues with the horse, now not only do they have problems but the poor person is rearranging their life to only ride the horse at a particular time on a particular day!
  12. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    I have a friend who is very into this and has told me a few "success" stories about it, however, I'm still sceptical myself. I agree wholeheartedly with RR about trainers:

  13. I know one personally and always have an open mind. I don't think she's airy-fairy or really off the wall... she works in law and being airy fairy would not help you in that career! LOL. Just like going for a tarot reading, I find it fun and insightful and have known on several occasions to be right on the money.
  14. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Being airy fairy and creative are very handy in the occupation of law! :)
  15. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Well I'm sceptical too but by chance the opportunity came up to have a reading on my 'herd' (at no cost) and the things this lady came out with blew me away-not generalizations but specific things about one pony in particular(who appointed himself spokesperson-which is no surprise if you knew this little guy lol!!) that had happened years before we got him and that she had no way of knowing about!!
  16. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    RR, if this person wants to follow the Animal communicators reading to the letter so what. It's really their business.

    I've never had one out to my horses to do a reading as such, but I do have a friend who has told me some interesting stuff who does have the gift. More amusing stuff. If Poppy told me I only want to be ridden on Tuesdays I'd tell her tuff luck sunshine, whilst I'm paying the bills you'll get ridden when I feel like it. LOL.
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  17. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    I think it has alot to do with the before mentioned thing - common sense :)

    Their is a collection of people in the world (thats good - it makes it go around! ) that seek out Communicators, chanells, physcics (cant spell! LOL!) clairvoyants, ect ect, that use every bit of information as the absolute amazing truth.

    Some even get fed one peice of AMAZING info - and thats it, that whole lot is the word of truth.

    And they base their life around it.

    Then their is the other group that have respect for theses people - and listen with and open mind and a bucket full of common sense sitting next to them LOL!
    They go away from it thinking - WOW - they were on the money with that comment, but honsetly........(for example) if my horse only likes beinf ridden on tuesdays - then what the heck am I doing to it all the other days! What do I do on this day that is different.....and tuesdays.....hey does a horse know what a tuesday is?
    And also - each to their own as marianne said :)
    I have a large connection to such groups of people that proclaim to be prophets - and you really learn to remind yourself about LOGIC, and COMMON SENSE :)
    another possibility is of course...that if a person is told something is going to happen that they dont want, and they think about it alot, and the negatives involved that they can actually cause it to happen....but thats another day! LOL!

    So - yes - people can react in less than logical ways with this info. They almost feel sometimes that they Have to beleive everything - or nothing.
    Humans tell alot of truth - but the same humans can exaggerate, lie, create act ect. and sometimes we are even just wrong without even knowing it - same as humans such as these animal communicators, and other phycics :)

    I might one day seek one out though - just to see what they have to say - im curious, slightly :)
    I like going out to them (the horses) , or slowing down and listening to them myself :)
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  18. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    I don't like to admit it, but I had an animal communicator communicate to one of my horses. I am somewhat of a sceptic, but was having a lot of trouble with one of my horses, had no where else to go, so figured I had nothing left to lose. It was enlightening in a way, mainly because it confirmed what I already thought. I do believe that she somehow was able to discover things about him, that she couldn't have known without knowing the horse. These things certainly don't hurt, so that they are approached with common sense. Has helped me make the decision I had to make regarding my horse. Without losing all of my confidence and feeling like a complete failure.
  19. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    interesting thread!
    now i am open to many things, this being one of them.a freind of mine recomended a lady to come out to 'read' trippa just for some fun intil i heard the price then i skipped it but she did come out to read some other agisty horses and she came over and was looking at trippa. i only told this lady trippa's name and nothing else. other agistys didnt know his problems and she told me he was sore in his back right hip( bingo) now this is from a standstill she has never seen him before. she said he is pushy and if i dont get ontop of it he will get worse(he did). he thinks he is a pretty prince and the best of all(oh he does) and that he is grumpy when he is sore and everytime to this day he is grumpy there is always somethig wrong. he usually is always a happy horse. now conincedence or not she told me some stuff nobody new and she certianly wouldnt of known. again as people have said its your own opinion and everone is entitled to it but i say go for it!**)( just dont pay $180 for an hour session).lol way way to much
  20. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I agree with you Marianne in that it is like religion, but disagree in the need to "decide what is real and what isn't". Both ACs and religions are a matter of faith, as far as I'm concerned. Faith is belief without evidence.

    I agree with retroremedy. "Amazing truths" from animal communicators don't wash with me. I also feel it is unfair on the horse who can't dispute the words put into its mouth.

    With the rash of magical thinking these days there may be something in the old saying if you don’t believe in God, you’ll believe anything.

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