Angle load floats *advice please*

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by ExBritKid, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Secret85

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    Just got the price of the Rowville Angle.... Sheesh! Even optioned up, I still spent 2.5k MORE!!!! (That's including my estimate of freight in the cost, knowing how much freight I paid for this float to come across. 4.5k more if not including freight in the cost...)
    My float was by no means cheap - I didn't scrimp on anything... It had ALL the safety features I could think of... Was well built as far as I was aware...

    Just goes to show - Most Expensive ISN'T always best.... :(
  2. We have a 2 angle fully enclosed KaraKar float.
    Best value for money and is quite good. Got it through Gary in Serpentine, they advertise in the Sat West as WA agents.
    cheers, lena
  3. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Have you actually seen an imported float 'fall to pieces'? I have found that everybody I have talked to that bags the imported floats has:

    a) Never owned or used one
    b) Hardly even had a good look at one.

    Those that do OWN and USE these float have nothing but good to say about them. I am beginning to think that these people are a bit miffed because they could have got a very good float for a much better price than the one they have - but missed out due to their lack of knowledge regarding the imported floats.

    I own one of the imported floats and love the workmanship and quality. I previously owned a well known Australian made float which did not last and I had problem after problem with it.

    The 'imported' float that I now own is much better made - After hearing all the negative comments regarding the imported floats, I had a mechanical engineer go over our float with a fine tooth comb with all his little gadgets that they use checking workmanship/welds etc..... and they had nothing but rave reviews for it, in fact much better made than the typical brand name aussie floats out there.

    I would have prefered to support Australian made when looking for a float to buy. When the aussie made floats come up to the standard that some of the imported floats are, I will consider selling and buying aussie made. In the meantime I will enjoy my 'imported' float.
  4. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    I own a Rowville I can talk it up all day. I dont have too. There are now 5-6 Imperials some older models here (as in the first to come out) new ones with improvements.

    Only plus I will ever give Imperial is there customer service has been great for every single person that owns one here that has had an issue or needed a modifcation.

    I have average to larger size race horses and My friend carts horses I cant take eg I have 4 or 5 running and well I only got a 3 horse float!

    Its a slight drama as we have to organise the trip to put the smallest ones in the Imperial which sometimes just not fit with horses that are buddy up and one is 17 odd hands and his mate is pushing 15hh.

    Length wise Imperials dont seem to be the issuewith my horses. The ones I put on my mates float are the smallest I have 15hh 15.3hh. I tried to put our 2nd biggest horse in he was squished (width ways) no way could I fit my 17 plus in there not wide enough in the bays.

    I thought I might be just use to having large bays as I had my bays extended in width shared a foot between to give large horses room. But nope Ive only got 3 out of the 8 horses I can put on my mates float. She had problems with some latches not actually matching the holes in the head deviders. And some latch on the back tail gate for the stallion doors? like I said customer service is A one they modified the float pre-purchase to suit as she has a handicap to be more like my Rowville easier to handle on her wrists.

    Ive said it before and will say it again. The conditions here for towing floats and horses here are extremely tough corrougated dirt roads that pop rivets on some floats etc. Time will tell what is built to last. So far 3 of the 5 or 6 Imperial owners I know extremely well have had minor issue but nothing dreadful one a slightly bigger problem which was fixed by the company.

    every company be it a hotdog maker to a float maker has to start somewhere. Until they have had years of road testing know one will actually know what they are like. So far they seem to have taken on all advice offered by buyers to improve the models. Which I think is great. Im just yet to be convinced there as tough as old boots which is the one and sole reason i went for a proven recommended brand. -touch wood- in the almost 3 years Ive had it Ive done over 150,000kms with it. Havent had anything other than a regular service done to it and a change of tyres. And my brakes re done as we must of drove a little with them still on at some point and stuffed them but that is our fault.
  5. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    and being a production metallurgist who has also spent time doing NDT (non destructive testing) on navy boats - i wouldnt risk transporting my clumper in there - would rather use my 30+ taylor. i have no problem with imports - but i have the opposite opinion. until the importers demand the quality i will stick to aussie made. (not saying that aussie made is a guarentee that it is good workmanship)

    just to point out - all imports will be too small for a true angle load because they are shipped in standard containers (i spoke to jesse creek guys about this and unless you deck them which has inherent issues with seaspray damage this is how they import all of them). you will find that the width of the float is a fair bit smaller than aussie made. there are ways around this that do not require decking etc but this reduced profit margins and of every importing company i have spoken to, not one has been willing to produce a max width float. obviously its just my opinion but if i was buying an import i would demand that none of the welds were selasticed over and have them tested (which is why im not sure that your eng tested the welds??? you cant even view them by sight because of this practise - short of having the float xrayed??)
  6. horsey1969

    horsey1969 New Member

    I have an imported float 3 angler and its great mine is very wide as well it has a dressing room in the front , it has fitted a 16.3 tb quite nicely in it.
    Not many here in wa.
    Its usa maded and very soilded.
  7. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    hey horsey just wondering what brand is it ?
  8. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    i have a rowville and i hate to say im put off by angle floating now due to it...

    but i mean great if you have a trained horse!!!!

    but for our case training babies i find it really hard cant get in and out safely at all

    but i say again if you have trained horses go for it....

    but trucks are soo much better hehehe
  9. horsey1969

    horsey1969 New Member

    Hi Zendor
    The brand is Titan Avalanche Trailers have a look at the web site there in vic.
    Love mine and so do my horses.
    Nice and roomy.
  10. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    but trucks are soo much better hehehe[/QUOTE]

    Would love a truck but that aint gonna happen.. haha
  11. LeedaleLodgeChik

    LeedaleLodgeChik Well-known Member

    Would love a truck but that aint gonna happen.. haha[/QUOTE]

    hahah :) yeah
  12. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member

    Well thanks for all your advice its been great :D
    we desided to go with the 3 horse imperial with all the handy extras :)*
    pick it up monday

    alyandmontanna already named him pmsl, Allan Angle Load **):p
  13. SandownLodgeJelks

    SandownLodgeJelks Well-known Member

    wouldnt EVER buy an imperial, guardor, new tuza or davcar. i think they all look a bit cheap and nasty and havnt heard great things about them.

    I love my new Olympic Windsor Deluxe :) Plenty big for 16.2hh horse with lots of storage room :)

    I dont mind the rowvilles angles but the rowville straight loads look cheap i think. I also dont like the Discovery floats much.

    I would either go;
    -Tender Deluxe
  14. kimbo

    kimbo Well-known Member

    I don't really get the craze with angle load floats? Are many aussie makers now making floats that the horse faces the driver side? they need to stand going up the camber of the road, not down!

    Then there's the fact that the inertia of the travelling and the fact that the horse moves better straight forward, alot of them tend to squish their bums into the corners of the back (in angle loads) and therefore doing endless amounts of damage to their spines etc.

    However this is just from reading studies and I have actually never owned a angle-load. And I understand that you want to travel more than two horses so the next best option would be a truck and then that's really expensive.

    I hope you have found a float that suits your needs!
  15. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    i think its a personal thing like everything.
  16. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Kimbo you're absolutely right, don't really see the point in angle loads ??

    Would rather have a decent extended straight load with enough room....or a truck LOL

    I have yet to see a Angle Load in Australia that faces the right way. They are all based on American designs, and as we all know they drive on the other side of the road, which mean all our horses in Angle Loads here are facing down hill.

    I don't get why the manufacturers don't pull their heads out their bums and face them in accordance with the direction that we Aussies travel, common sense really.

    Oh and I would have an Imperial. My OH is a mech engineer and he definitely approved of them. Did point out a few things here and there but on the whole it got a thumbs up from him. Personal choice really. Whereas the Guardor just made both of us shudder.
  17. zendor

    zendor Well-known Member

    Yeah bon and ted I dont mind angles but thats my one problem with them is every one knows americans travel the other side of the road to us so you would think that you would realise this when building an angle load :eek: our horses dont need any more strain on there front legs...
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2009
  18. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    personally i dont like angle floats either
  19. well exbrit kid obviously needs a angle as stated she has 3 horses competing :) and i doubt one will fit in the car :p glad you found a float hol :D
  20. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    aww why cant one fit in the car AHAHA or just tie it to the roof LOL.

    see i doubt ever i would have 3 horses to compete LOL my other half would murder me

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