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    I am starting to do more events where I am camping 1-2 nights and now my daughter is talking about taking up horseriding again too. I currently have a great 2H straight load float which I camp in but am thinking of upgrading my float to a 2H angle load but if I did so, I'd be wanting a few extras like water tank, power, even maybe a little fridge (or be able to run a portable one). Basically I'm getting on a bit and would like more luxury (although the power thing is more for medical reasons).

    My current float is an Australian made float that I bought brand new a couple of years ago but if I was to sell it, for not much more I could get an imported angle load float with all the bells & whistles.

    So has anyone got any of the imported floats in an angle load that can give me some feedback both negative and positive please.

    Even general likes & dislikes about brands in general (both imported and Australian) so I can work out which ones to look into further.

    PM me if you prefer.
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    I have an Xplorer float, it's imported and I love it...:D it's a 2 horse angle with living up front, it has bunk beds, fridge, microwave, sink, awning, float yards, heaps of storage, water tank and pump, it all runs off of a solar system which we had installed after we bought it, I can camp for up to a week and run all this and lights inside as well, I bought mine 2nd hand for $20,000 but havn't seen one 2nd hand since I got mine 18months ago, the only problem I have had with it was the jockey wheel wasn't sturdy enough and we replaced it with a hydraulic one from Camec which is much easier to use...:)

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