And the plot thickens (Cody)

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Rayes, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Rayes, its a public forum.
    Vendetta for keeping the horse?

    Knife in the back?

    Oh please........

    PM's..........there were 2. 1 asking the name of your trainer (not sure if that was trainer no1 or trainer no2) and 2 telling you that even though I didn't know him I had heard he rode TB's.

    Being 'local' I thought I might be able to offer some assistance.

    In your case, I can't.

  2. Nicnacs_Mistress

    Nicnacs_Mistress Well-known Member

    Hi Rayes,

    I sincerely hope that what I have to say doesn't offend anyone, including you. I am probably what some people would call a green rider, despite the fact that I grew up with horses. I can get on a horse and ride it confidently, but when it comes to the finer details of horseriding and even in come cases horsemanship and horse care, I still consider myself as having a lot to learn.

    2 years ago, I moved back to the family property and set about getting myself a horse. I had been out of the horse 'arena' for 8 years, and I was determined to get a quality horse (or at least what I consider quality). I did succeed. I ended up buying 4 horses all up over the last 2 years, all of which are rideable, and safe to handle.

    But, during those 2 years, I looked at about 16 other horses who were not suitable. I will give 3 examples, these are the horses that stuck in my memory.

    Horse 1 - ex-trotter who had 'apparently' been reeducated, and had been leased to a beginner for 3 months before hand. Horse was in shocking condition, hooves were starting to curl and you could see ribs etc. I tried the horse out (because it is at least a 3 hour return trip) and decided that the horse was not what was advertised. He didn't appear to be reeducated, and when trotting still exhibited the 'gait' that is used in racing. So, no go there.

    Horse 2 - I was aware that this horse was green, and that he was a rescue case from Palm Island, so bottom line, he would have issues, probably both physical and emotional. When the gentleman saddled him up, he went psycho. There is no other word for it. Despite the fact that he had been worked and educated by his current owners, the horse was not having any of it on this particular day. I said no before the owner even mounted. He eventually did get the horse to stand for long enough to mount, and the horse promptly whirlwinded and bolted, with his head so high there was no way you could stop him until he was exhausted. The owner tried a ORS and nearly got coathangered in a tree.

    Horse 3 - was an educated station horse, with PC experience and was owned by a member of my PC, who is my friend. I went around to look at the horse, and was advised that he had limited vision in one eye, so could be a little spooky when things occurred outside his vision. I thought thats ok, wasn't after a show pony or a comp horse at the time. So, they brought the horse into the round yard and looped the reins over the rail. Put the saddle on, did the girth up and something spooked him. He ended up dragging the portable rails along with him until he stopped. I said no thank right then and there. I was aware that he could be spooky, but that was more spooky than I was willing to pay good money for. More than I was willing to risk.

    Out of the 4 horses I bought, 1 was a handled 9 mth old filly, a 7 yr old mare, a 13 yr old mare and an 11 yr old TB. I have started the filly under saddle, and she is going great. The 7 yr old mare I bought knowing that there had been an incident that occurred at PC, where she had apparently kicked a child. Now, that horse has happily been rehomed after I worked with her, and has never exhibited any signs of kicking. The 13yr old mare had been paddocked for at least 2 years with no handling whatsoever when I bought her. I was able to get on her and she did what I asked, with no signs of resentment. Not even a pig root. Haven't had the TB for very long, but I will let you know in another 6 months lol.

    So, what I suppose I am saying is, was this the 1st horse you looked at? Did you have your mum (or another experienced horse person) with you?

    I can understand exactly where EVP and Smash are coming from (EVP particularly, esp what she said about what your Mum has/hasn't said about the horse), and I feel (remember, my PO) that perhaps you would be better off without the horse. My reasonings are that you have a young family (as do I - 5 yr old son), you have little time/money (as do I - work p/t, study f/t) and you are constantly worrying about your horse, and yourself. I know the guilt I would feel if I bought or rode a horse who is suspect and injured or killed myself. I can't live with that. Can you?

    Regarding your Mum, my Mum is sooooo totally not horsey lol. She likes them, knows a little about their care etc, but is not like me. But having said that, she comes to all my potential purchases w/ me, because she provides that guidence that I need. She can identify a funny movement etc, but could never explain the reasoning behind it. We call it her gut. We use it assiduously, esp when I might be one over by the 'pretty horsey' lol. (Oh, I am 25 lol)
  3. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    *peers, wide-eyed, through bars of Naughty Corner...*

    *fair splutters mascarpone cream down chin*... *not my battle... so shoves in more mascarpone cream*

    For those that have recently and kindly offered further words of advice re x-raying this horse... it's been done (repeatedly *#) )

    For those new to this... subject topic...

    and this current one.

    *shoves in even more mascarpone cream... with added cointreau... lots of it*
  4. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hi JJ - could you please share yours? (I'm sure it will fit through the bars) Mine's all gone and EVP's is riddled with crackers!!!*#) :)
  5. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Share? *peers suspiciously at the Cynical One*... Yeh, ok - seeing as the mascarpone cream was your delectable contribution to the Great Dessert Fest! rofl

    Was actually wondering if we could use the mascarpone cream as a dip with EVP's crackers? *#)
  6. Rayes

    Rayes New Member

    Oh, I give up...#(
  7. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    The thread has run its course. So I am closing it!
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