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  1. jc163041

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    Hi everyone

    Well as some of you would know i am having issues with my mares saddle slipping forwards. I have done a hell of a lot of research and the best answer i can find is an anatomical, curved girth. the problem is she only needs a 20" girth. i am impressed with the look and research done into the county logic girth. But as im sure alot of people have found trying to get thing in australia is next to impossible. so does anyone know of any reasonably priced small (20") anatomically curved girths. i cant even find a seller of the county logic ones in america. i would prefer to buy in australia because i have found it takes a hell of a long time to get to australia and i need one asap

  2. maxntaz

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    i dont know if they are similar but jess at equestricare sells i think, a "thinline" (that is the brand) girth, which i thought looked pretty good... she maybe able to help you out? pm holistichorse if you want info or look on her website. I have some friends with this girth and they have great things to say about it... not sure if its a similar thing to the one you are looking at though.
  3. LNT

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    saddles plus in byford do a pressure eze girth which is curved, not sure either if thats what your looking for but might be worth a try?
  4. Double Helix

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    I think the Jaguar dressage girths are very similar to the one you are talking about - I have seen them in Europa (they are not cheap though).

    ETA: Equestrienne also sell one (Comanche) which starts at 45cm and is reasonably priced.
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  5. Animosity

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    I got a free Bates Cair girth with my new saddle. I tried itt for the first time yesterday and i find that it is ver very good. Normally Bea moves around like she is uncomfortable when tightening the girth and can get a little 'humpy' if i do it a little bit too tight for her (even though it is loose and will have to go up 2/3 holes) but with the new girth she stands rock solid and relaxed. So i am pretty happy with it.

    Only downfall is that its expensive and a little bit bulky, but id rather her be comfortable **)

    I have heard the Pressure-eze ones are really good too, and a fair bit cheaper aswell
  6. jc163041

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    thanks everyone for ur replies

    unfortunately the bates/ wintec ones dont come in a 20" or else i would have definately got one :).
    i have found a uk site that post to australia that stock a banana girth that they say helps keep saddles in place on a horse with a forward girth groove. i might give them a go. heres a link to the girth :Neoprene Banana Dressage Girth by: Trekker - Equine Whispers

    ive looked at the thinline girths and the commanche girth and they are not really the shape i am looking for. the jaguar looks perfect but i cant afford to fork out $300 for a girth when it may not work :)


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