AMP-5 Injection 20ml

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    AMP-5 is a coronary and skeletal muscle vasodilator. AMP-5 is used effectively in anticipation of severe cardiac and muscle exertion. AMP-5 is useful as an aid in the prevention of muscle cramping and 'tying up'.

    AMP-5 produces marked coronary vasodilation and improved myocardial cell perfusion, and can be used effectively in anticipation of severe cardiac load in athletic animals, or in the treatment of myocardial oxygen deficit (as evidenced by by performance linked ECG changes). AMP-5 is indicated in conditions leading to muscle cramping and 'tying up'.

    Active constituents: Adenosine-5-monophosphate 200mg/mL

    Dosage and administration:
    Administer by intramuscular injection only.
    Note: Intravenous administration will produce a profound fall in blood pressure, and possible ataxia and collapse

    Give two injections; one 24 hours before strenuous exercise, and a second injection 4 - 6 hours prior to anticpated strenuous exercise, by the intramuscular route.

    Horses: 2.5 mL/100 kg bodyweight
    Dogs: 0.5 mL/10 kg bodyweight.

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