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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Nikara, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    Im looking at buying a 17inch black ambassador dressage saddle for showing and unfortunately I am in SA and the saddle is in WA. I have been looking for a while and this is the only black 17inch ambassador that I can find, which is what I want.

    The only thing that Im not sure about is the gullet size. It has a no. 3 gullet and although it should fit, I dont really want to buy a saddle from WA and then it to not fit.

    I was talking to a friend yesterday who also has an ambassador and she said you can take it to a saddler and have the gullet changed (taken apart by the sounds). I know saddles like wintecs have a changeable gullet but I didnt realise a saddler could change other saddle brands. Does anyone know if this is correct? Would also love to hear if anyone has had this done?
  2. montygirl

    montygirl Well-known Member

    yes they can be changed. My saddle has the changeable gullets, but unfortunately my horse is between a medium wide and wide. So the saddle fitter put the saddle on his hydraulic machine thingo and bent the gullet to make it wider - perfect fit!:D
  3. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    hmmm wonder if they could make Lucy's extra-wide gullet extra-extra wide!
  4. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Hi Nikara

    I have 2 Ambassador Dressage Saddles best saddles ever i feel. One i have had since new and the other one I only bought a few months back for $800 in as new condition from a lady who had it sitting around for a few years who had given up horses and thought she would move it on as no use for it any longer (Both old style english made ones and I had been on the hunt for one for ages). I was not aware of being able to change the gullet in them. If i recall correctly they have a laminated beech spring tree.

    I'm guessing you are after an old style one and this is the reason your having problems finding one? Both my saddles are a size 4 which is a wide fit and have seemed to fit all my horses with are have all different withers but all pretty wide accross the back. The # 3 is a med size gullet.

    Can you not borrow your friends saddle to try it on for size? Both my size 4's fit the same. Just a thought

    In case your not aware I have been told the news one are not at all as nice as the older English made ones
  5. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    Yeah, Im on the hunt for an english one as a few other people have mentioned that the old ones are nicer as well.

    My friends has a no. 5 gullet (for her wide stockhorse and fat welshie)although next time she does come over I will run it past her. I think my mare would either be a 3 or a 4.

    She is a showhunter large arabian pony and is currently all fit and muscle (still looks fat in person!) but we took some halter photos yesterday and she looks skinny!

    Don't suppose you would want to sell the one you only bought a few months ago, Sallie? :)

    Thanks for confirming that they can be changed.
  6. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Sorry Nikara , holding on to both of mine, the lady who bought T/Bred a few weeks back is wants to buy it as well.

    Be careful on changing the gullet , I would not get it done.

    I would just keep your eye out for one , they are around but may take a bit of time. Have you tried putting wanted adds up?
  7. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    Why is that, just incase the saddle in damaged in any way?

    Yes, I put one up on another site (that is dominated by SA residents) which is quite popular especially with SA people.
    I haven't had any one reply and I put it up a few weeks ago.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2007
  8. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    I have an Ambassador County dressage saddle that I used years ago but it now sits in the shed LOL. It is a 17" or 17.5" number 4 gullet.
    They are great saddles & basically I went into a wintec because it rains all the time here & I didn't want a good leather saddle getting ruined.
    I ride in an Isabella now or a western .....both wintec, so it dosent matter is it gets wet LOL
  9. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    Yeah, I try to avoid riding in the rain (and the wind, I hate the wind) as I have a leather saddle and bridle :)
  10. Karijini

    Karijini Well-known Member

    Nikara, as Sallie said, be very wary of the new Ambassadors. I once had lessons on a horse with an old style one made when they were hand-crafted in England. Wonderfully comfortable and fitted the horse beautifully. When I bought my horse, I decided that I would buy a brand new Ambassador. I can vouch that the saddle was not nearly as nice as the original and after riding in it for almost 4 weeks, my horse began to pigroot and generally get narky. It turns out the saddle was faulty, it had a twisted tree and when we looked closely was padded more on one side than the other. I returned it to the manufacturer, and it was replaced with a brand new one. I then sold it immediately as I no longer had faith in the product and heard reports of the new ones not being so nice as the oldies. This may be a bad luck story, there may be other Stockies who have bought brand new ones and not had a problem but just thought I would share, I guess the more info you have the better. Good luck in your search **)
  11. Sallie

    Sallie Well-known Member

    Nikara , I just fill if you change something which is made one way it may make it weaker. I'm all for adjusting the padding in saddles to fit but that is it.

    I have never heard before that the Ambassador old style saddles were able to be adjusted.

    I don't understand why they stopped making them . Does anyone know why? Why stop making a good product?
  12. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    I fully agree, why stop making the old ones and make a lesser quality one. I havent heard a positive comment about the newer ones yet.

    Thanks Karijini, I haven't heard of someone not being satisfied with an ambassador until now. I am in no way looking for a newer one after that and many other comments about them.

    Does anyone have a no.3 gullet ambassador and if do, do you know what kind of horse it would fit?
  13. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    Why dont you try a KN?:D

    I have a lovely new medium size gullet one sitting in Perth doing nothing:)*
  14. Nikara

    Nikara New Member

    I have just emailed someone saying I'll pay the deposit on Monday for their black ambassador (the old make) in nice condition :).

    Sorta too late, princeton, Im sorry.

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