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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Gaia, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Antyk

    Antyk Well-known Member

    Well we survived our 1st Royal show and I have to say many thanks to Liver Bird for helping us unload late Saturday night, Sharaway for looking after the young horses for me down in the arena while the other one was in the ring, and Jode for helping us load up again to come home.

    Our results
    Tulip Van Gelder (Tess) 2nd Friesian Mare or Filly any age
    Tzar 2nd Friesian Stallion, Colt or Gelding any age

    I was extremely proud of the way our babies behaved in public especially as this was only their 2nd show.
  2. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Your horses were stunning today :)* Big congratulations.
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  3. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    Congrats to those that competed yesty & today......
    Best of luck those showing the rest of the days.

    Got to love the Royal, lol. *#)
  4. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    well done to you Kylie for handling Thunder so well for Toni, and a HUUUUGE congrats to Toni, i bet her feet havent touched the floor yet!!!
    Well done guys. soooo happy for you.:D
  5. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    She's very very happy & im very very happy for her. :)*
    We joked beforehand about which of us were going to be the losers :D, lol.... but wow, Toni is eating her words now, lol.
    Even great that Blossom placed 2nd out of the 4 in the class.
    Credit to Toni & Oakie.
  6. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    yep she said she would text me a big L if they didnt do any good.:p but by 11am i was getting inpatient and text her saying" come on results please" so she rang me.:D
    send her "PURPLE VIBES" my way for thus/fri please.
  7. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    just got home from dropping dudley off at the grounds and all i can say is NOT IMPRESSED.... #( #( ..... put Dudley in his stable which was booked from SunDAY, Sunday Night, Monday, Monday Night, Tuesday to be rudely told by the current occupier to move and it wasnt her problem...thank you Perth Royal Show for double booking the stable #( they had even shown me the book when i arrived and it was only my name written in for the duration of my stay...(I was annoyed also but at least I was polite, not hard to be nice and left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth at the attitude :( )..... I am never rude at shows and dont delve into all that crap and thankfully a lovely lady a few stables up had a spare stable - thank you so much

    Also HUGE thanks to Tara and Ellie! **) **)
  8. deschuur

    deschuur Gold Member

    Congratulations Antyk:D Glad you survived your first royal:)
  9. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member


    Let me know how he goes tomorrow, see you tuesday!! :)

    BREATH. I know its hard especially after..that
  10. Oldhack77

    Oldhack77 Gold Member

    Yes well...... how hard are manners these days.....lol....... i cant seem to get away from them no matter how hard I try...... why are so many people so rude these days?
  11. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    I've got some piccies!

    Saxon was a very good boy, relaxed and looked sooper dooper out there in the ring. He cruised around the Grand Parade on a loose rein and was almost waving to the crowd. He's such a sticky beak, had to stop and try and eat the giant speakers as he went past.

    He came 2nd to the eventual FW Champion (Lyckle's Kingdom) in the gelding/stallion any age class, and then went in for Reserve but was beaten by the mare. I was soooo proud, especially as he was the youngest one in the class (he's not yet 2).

    Here he is, looking handsome. :)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    While I had a good day, I feel so disappointed for my friend, Jeannie, who's boy DT is an absolute stunner. He somehow managed to injure his eye overnight, which started to ulcerate and was pronounced by the Show vet unfit to show. She was devastated, as you can imagine.

    PS: OH77, I feel your pain. I arrived this morning to find an Andalusian in my allocated stable with no owners anywhere to be found. It is stressful enough as it is, without having to arrive with your arms full of horse, gear and assorted crap and be left standing wondering what to do with it all. I have to say though, the ladies in the office were quite helpful in my case and rushed around and got me a new stable pretty quick.
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  12. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    errr dont say that, hope no one is in the stall i am allocated on wednesday, nervy enough takin a horse thats not mine.
  13. Beanie

    Beanie Well-known Member

    Was stabled near Silkwood Heaven Can Wait on Saturday and boy is she a noisy little thing! Constantly whinnying and neighing lol. Lovely pony though, she has an absolutely beautiful little head.
    Nice to hear she did well though.
  14. minimad

    minimad Well-known Member

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO MINEES....WAY TO GO TONI...also to Delrae and RPM...bubbles and Emma...way to go girls ..didn,t even go this year but sounds like my kids done well very very pleased and Emma Toby is far from fat he looks healthy as a baby his age should...big congrats to all who done well and there,s always next year will see everyone there have the royal lined up for Spunk next year he,ll be 2 then and ready to handle all the atmosphere with his hot little head LOL...once again HUGE CONGRATS TO ALL..:)) and best of luck to those showing for the rest of the week...GO THE STOCKIES MOB...also well done to horsey chic with Arabella Code Red...
  15. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    i think the thanks has to go to my friend adam hes such a great guy and always ready to help ,**)
  16. Westausgrl

    Westausgrl Well-known Member

    Thank god thats over for another yr, grrrrr wasnt happy this yr, first off got there and our stables were moved on us, we were originally with all the mini's and owners, but only to be moved over other side on our own :( mixed with big horses was sooooo not fair, and stables were not even cleaned :(
    Spent the day dodging flying hay, sprays and being stepped on by big horses.
    Then we couldnt even get breaky :(

    Squirt got 2nd in is Small horse Colt/Stallion any age, Congrats to Sandy & family on your results with Blaize.

    Salsa I think she got 6th in her Miniature Pony 4yrs & Over, at least my daughter looked great in her New Jacket :)

    So not doing it next yr. Congrats to everyone on their Showing, was some awesome horses/ponies out there :)
  17. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Lin, Saxon looks amazing! He is certainly maturing into a true Friesian Sporthorse type.

    I really feel for Jeannie, that happened to Louise last year - just about to mount for the ridden when he donged his noggin on the stall and vet wouldnt let him compete....makes you want to cry eh?
  18. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I can't keep up with this thread! Lol
    Thanks for the pics of the dogs Sherri! I love Rotties!
    Well dont to all.
    HUGE congrats to Toni and Kylie **)
    Well done Em, I wouldn't be to worried if Tobs looked fat cause you were a little concerned about the weight he had lost so the other way is better **)
    Lin your boy looks great! I'm there today for Dougie and MC and then for SB's on Friday. Looking forward to it now!
    Waiting now for the results for Pintos on Wednesday :)
  19. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Jackie want you doing wednesday??

    Do you want to come?Could do with ANOTHER helper(plus i need someone better than me to do my ponies Bhinds..lol)?????
  20. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    Phew, we made it home, got inside about 11.30 last night, too stuffed to come on stockies

    Had a great weekend many thanks to Lil Delrae, Marbelyn and junior marbelyn :) PP, remaani,croft, and big HUGE thanks to Pinto for driving in and doing the car parking bisso...big stress off my mind

    Great to meet Cav (and what can I say about the garland you have made us except wow..wow....wow!!!!!! ) and liverbird

    I had a ball in our crazy aisle, oh and I think it is now official that the mini mob are the noisest crew EVER, we even got told off lol!!

    HUGE congrats to all the winners,placegetters and everyone who competed there were some fantastic horses and ponies there...the supreme horse Dream come true just looked stunning

    special congrats to RPM and her stunning team of mini's and Toni and her lovely ponies, how awesome was that

    and a special thank you too to little Chloe, what a clever girl she was and so good all day, except when she went to sleep in the ring..thanks RPM for allowing us to buy such a special little girl, I cant believe our first year at the royal with mini's and we did so well..whoo hooo!!!

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