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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Melody, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Melody I will look again tommorrow so I can do a proper search for you. Great pics too by the way lol!

    Indy, no worries. Glad I could help. :)

    F.adila. That brand belongs to Mungrup Stud. Will search for you tommorrow (at work now and cant remember my ASB login lol!!) *#)
  2. Melody

    Melody Active Member

    Thanks Kiraspark
    They the best I could do sorry for the photos
  3. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Melody, I have looked under every brand starting with Lazy H on the ASB and there is nothing resembling your brand. I agree the last digit definitely looks like an S but I also tried T and 7 for the middle digit and still nothing. :(

    Maybe your horse is there, but the brand register is incomplete for some horses prior to 2003. For example the brand on my old mare doesnt appear on the brand register, but I know she is registered, as she is there under her racing name. I suppose they dont put older (or no longer used) brands on the online register. Which sucks for anyone searching for their horse, lol.

    Sorry I couldnt help more.

    Your horse is "See Through Time"

    Date of Birth: 07/11/2001

    by Metal Storm (FR) 1988
    from Matilda Waltz (AUS) 1990

    Career: 6 Starts for no wins, 1 second and no thirds. Prizemoney: $1,327 (He also had 7 trials.)

    Trainer was Michael Pateman, Barragup.

    Some nice breeding there. The Metal Storms are nice and Jevington on the bottom line too.
  4. Melody

    Melody Active Member

    No worries but he is 12 hey, 14 over 6... Is there any other way of finding his breeding..

    Can you look up my mare 8 over 8 and 7km
  5. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Your mare is "Melody Girl"
    Bay Mare, star and snip, off fore white full cannon, near hind white half cannon.

    by Dansk (IRE) 1993
    from Nightingale (AUS) 1993

    Date of Birth: 01/10/1998
  6. F.adila

    F.adila Well-known Member

    thanks both luminous and kiraspark :)

    good to know he has some good breeding :D
  7. Melody

    Melody Active Member

    So what is my mares breeding like, did she ever race etc...
  8. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    Melody Girl (AUS) 1998
    Life Number: AUS00677396 bay mare Date of Birth: 01/10/1998
    DNA Typed: N
    by Dansk (IRE) 1993
    from Nightingale (AUS) 1993
    bred by Mr G Dickie, WA
    Official Australian Stud Book Pedigree
    Danehill (USA) 1986
    Danzig (USA) 1977
    Razyana (USA) 1981

    Dansk (IRE) 1993
    Foal ref: 43:1775
    Organza (GB) 1985
    High Top (IRE) 1969
    Canton Silk (GB) 1970
    Melody Girl (AUS) 1998
    Foal ref: 41:1180
    Medical Man (USA) 1972
    Dr. Fager (USA) 1964
    Advise (USA) 1961

    Nightingale (AUS) 1993
    Foal ref: 39:1242
    See The Distance (AUS) 1987
    Jevington (AUS) 1971
    Myosotis (AUS) 1979
    Family: 13B Taproot: Hebrew Maid (GB) 1904
    Career: 1-0-0-1 Prizemoney: $475
    Last Three Runs
    Pos Date Track Dist Class Jockey Br Wgt Price First/Second
    3 of 6 1/06/2002 KALG Fast 1200 2&3Y MDN-SW A Yugovich 2 55.5 20-1 1 Showdance 1-14.13
    Comprehensive Form available from Racing Information Services Australia Pty Ltd
  9. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Yes, you can send off a form to the Registrar of Racehorses with his markings, brands etc and for a fee ($50) they will send you back an ID certificate with his name and details on it. This is if you are quite sure he is TB, obviously! Here is a link to the form Identification.pdf

    As MLP said, she only had one start for a third (out of 6 runners) in Kalgoorlie over 1200m. Trainer was Neville Newton, Boulder. Dont know much about Dansk other than that he is by Danehill who is a big name in racing circles and she has Jevington as a great grand sire. :)
  10. Clerrt

    Clerrt Well-known Member


    What do the letters on a horses brand mean??
    My horse has "OAK" on one shoulder and foal number/details/birthdatey numbers on the other shoulder.
    Could anyone pm me or reply or post (don't know the words - new to stockies :) )about the OAK thing??

  11. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Hi Clerrt
    In WA a brand is usually two letters and a number.

    In your case your brand would be 0AK (zero A K) and this brand belongs to B Hampton in Byford. Ive seen quite a few horses around with this brand.

    I might be able to find out some info about your horse if you tell me whats written on his other shoulder, if you would like. :)
  12. F.adila

    F.adila Well-known Member

    Hi a friend wanted a brand search done on her mare. on one side lazy R, G then I o 1

    Other side is 2 over 2. She is a bay with a star and no white on feet i think, or it was one sock.. i cant quite remember. But i do know she is 6 :)
  13. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    And the magic word is? ;)
  14. F.adila

    F.adila Well-known Member

    Pretty Please :D with carrots ontop ;)
  15. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Haha ok give me a minute....:)
  16. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Ok Ive found her

    "Intelligent Miss"
    by Land Speed Record (AUS) 1990
    from Quality Crescent (AUS) 1981
    bred by Mr RJ Glass, WA
    Date of Birth: 30/09/2002

    She has had 15 starts for no wins or places. Prizemoney $170. lol. :p
  17. F.adila

    F.adila Well-known Member

    hehe thanks, lol she did worse than my gelding :p
  18. cobmum

    cobmum Active Member

    wow your pics look great , you must have had sooo much fun:).

    It is my ultimate dream to do something like that ,especially in such clear water, fingers crossed one day it will come true!
  19. LAURAmay

    LAURAmay Well-known Member

    hey guys
    if someone is registered with ASB could you please look up my brands.

    TB Gelding
    white blaze and two socks on hind legs



    TB Mare
    white blaze
    white markings on legs


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  20. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member


    The gelding is Scenic Edition boirn 11/09/1999 by Scenic from Zamelina.
    Career: 34-2-2-1 Prizemoney: $10,515
    11 of 12 12/02/2006 ABNY Good 1600 CL5 M Forder 12 53.5 $261 Nostoc 1-37.58
    6 of 8 2/02/2006 MT B Good 1850 CL2 L Howlett 6 53 $211 Skydad 1-58.07
    9 of 9 18/01/2006 MT B Good 1850 HCP J Valas 2 53 $261 Inclement Weather 1-56.49

    the mare
    Rainbow Dreams born 20/09/1993 by Congressmen from Magic Myth
    Career: 15-0-1-2 Prizemoney: $1,540
    11 of 12 31/12/1999 GTON Fast 1100 MDN-SW P Farrell 3 54.5 7-11 Senssay 1-06.03
    5 of 12 18/12/1999 GTON Good 1100 MDN-SW G Cortes 2 54.5 20-11 Opossum Bay 1-06.63
    7 of 8 8/08/1998 WYND Fast 1400 CLD M Coles 4 55.5 5-11 Embattled 1-26.12

    Clerrt - Kira is right that brand is Brad Hampton's. He bred my mare but has lost her records and she isnt on the stud book. My mare is 1993 foal
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