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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Melody, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. MCaraM

    MCaraM New Member

    TB mystery

    Hey there,
    i was wondering if someone could look up D lazy T 3 over 5 over 1.
    Any help would be great, because so far I can't find anything.
  2. erilyn

    erilyn Well-known Member

    This one might be Graham Stewart - used to 'Feet First Farrier' but he retired 12 odd years ago and became 'Finesse Fine Fencing'. He used to live on the Mundaring/Saywers Valley border??????
  3. mihu

    mihu Active Member

    MCaraM, sorry can't find that brand at all on studbook.
    Laura, I have emailed you before about your bay bloke, he is actually bred by K Caratti of Capel and I have found him on studbook but have forgotten what his breeding was and yes he did race.
    Some of you guys trying to find out your horses identity is hard because once they are over 16yrs of age in the old system of certifcates it is all taken off the studbook and can't be traced unless you ring them direct themselves, the girls are good in the offices and will not bite.:D
  4. nitemarch

    nitemarch New Member

    TB unknown brand

    Hi does anyone know the Thoroughbred brand that is a Q over a T? There is no lines or symbols etc. He is a clients horse so I don't have any pics atm, however I will take one when I see him this week. Thanks :)
  5. nitemarch

    nitemarch New Member

    I was wrong, it is a Q next to a T so "Q T" .On the other shoulder he has a 1 over an 8. Any information on this horse would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I do not have subscription to the studbook so am unable to do a search. Thank you
  6. El Nino

    El Nino New Member

    I was wondering if anyone could help me to find out more about my horse
    Her branding: lazy U 6B
    16 over 7
    hope someone can help :)*:confused:
  7. Jes_bm

    Jes_bm Active Member

    I put this in the other one but thorght i'd give it ago here to.

    I have a 16.2hh chestnut geld, star and 4 white socks
    branding is 2 over 2 and other side L5V

    I no absolutly nothing about him other than I brought him from Kalgoorlie and his stable name is Maverick.

    Any info would be really really appriciated, would love to no if he ever raced and under what name (he doesnt seem like the fast moving tye tho)
    Thanks jes @)
  8. flyingchanges96

    flyingchanges96 New Member

    Searching my horsey :)

    Hey I have had my thoroughbred mare for about 6 months now and would like to know a bit about her past, i do not know her race name or anything as she came with out anything.

    She is 14 years old, bay and a mare.
    Brands are LTI and 3 over 6
  9. mihu

    mihu Active Member

    Flyingchanges96, your mare is PROCEDURE
    , by SERHEED out of RULE THE WORLD, 14-0-03 $2097 in stakes. Hope this helps
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2011
  10. tormentor

    tormentor New Member

    ok brand ppl find this one :D NL9 2/5 . he is a thoroughbred well so i have been told approx 15 yrs old, bay and A PAIN :)* been searching for him for a very long time and havent found no breeding ect . would be greatly appreciated :)*:)*:)*
  11. mihu

    mihu Active Member

    Tormentor and Nitemarch neither of your brands are coming up on studbook without any other info it's a bit hard. Try ringing the studbook.
  12. tormentor

    tormentor New Member

    simon is a bay gelding 15.2 h was told his name was suleman may or not be race name stable name is simon have been told his brand is west australian cheers thats all the info i got.
  13. amw7

    amw7 New Member

  14. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Does anyone know the brand 5 H U ? It's on a pony :D
  15. brucetammy

    brucetammy New Member

    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me with me old blokes brand, we know his age etc from the brand but wondering if anyone could tell me what his racing name might have been, he's a grey, P over W and 4 over 8, any help would be great thanks
  16. CaityTB

    CaityTB New Member

    Hey Guys, I have 2 TB's I need Any and All Info on.
    The first is a 15 year old dark bay mare. No white markings.
    [​IMG] The owner has no previous information on her at all, So I need everything you can give me. Please and thanks :)
    The next is a 10 year old Grey gelding. Apparently from a stud around sydney, but no other information is known. His new owner wants to know his race name and how long he raced for.
    Information is needed asap. Thank-you guys so much!!
  17. tobywolf

    tobywolf New Member

    help with brand identification

    Could anyone help identify my chestnut gelding, ex victorian racehorse. Nearside brand is simply an "S" and the offside brand is 7 over 0. He would be 11 years old. He has a white blaze from forehead to muzzle and has one white sock on his near foreleg. Last owner called him "Wally" but not sure if this is anything to do with his race name. Any help would be appreciated. @)
  18. TB4Me

    TB4Me Well-known Member

    Hi, would anyone have any information on the following brands:

    JM on one shoulder

    89 over 3 on the other. Dark brown gelding, small white star and at least one white sock on hind leg.

    I'm thinking he must have been something at some time in his life, because he's a long way from home! (In the USA).

    Any help would be much appreciated :)
  19. babming

    babming Guest

  20. Beamer

    Beamer New Member

    Help please

    A couple of years ago we were given a lovely mare for my daughter to ride (apparently to old to sell at 17yrs! - my gain)
    Now, out of curiousity, I am trying to trace her brands. Opinions on breeding are varied from stockhorse, TB and Anglo. I have tried lookking through ASB but didn't have any success, so I am hoping someone out there can help or recognises this brand. The brands can be seen on the link provided.

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