All Arabians 2010

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by ArabAtHeart, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    Who's going?
  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    None of mine :(.

    But I'll be there photographing and helping :).
  3. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    I'm taking one of mine for Derivative day. :))
  4. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    When is it.

    Although I need to register the horse first. :D
  5. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    The All Arabian is on the 27th & 28th of March.
    Saturday is purebreds & Sunday derivitives.

    We will be there helping but Party will be still on his way back from the Aussies.

    If anyone needs a Junior rider for either day Keeley is available**)
  6. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    Hmmm at this stage, one pure and one derivative. Might be 2 deviates yet..
  7. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    two purbreds and two derivs for us, busy busy busy:))
  8. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Who wants to Prep a couple for me ??? **)

  9. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    OOoo Arnie, maybe I can actually meet you this time!? Can't wait to see everyone else there!!!
  10. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Yes of course **).
    I'll be helping you no who know doubt! :D (waves at them) and I think I'm showing for someone else aswell.
  11. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    I'm going both days. Just watching and helping on Saturday and with 1 or 2 derivatives on Sunday **)
  12. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    I have three derivatives in (2 yearling Anglo fillies and Diva)... well once I send my entry off anyway :p

    Citygirl, if I didn't have the three in I would have been happy to steal one of yours for the show LOL.
  13. amandasmith

    amandasmith Well-known Member

    I'll have my girl there on the Sunday for two classes and then will give Mirawee a hand for the rest of the day.
  14. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Haven't decided yet!!

    Not sure if my ranga is up to scratch at the moment!!
  15. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    You're kidding right?
    Of course he's up to scratch!!
  16. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Thats what I said Kaisi! Of course she & the ranga are going! *#)
  17. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    i have got 5 from my stables who are coming. Just waiting on one of my kids to print off forms, i cant open these new documents - dont know why.

    I will have 2 x large pony geldings Arab Riding Pony
    1 x small mare Arab Riding Pony
    1 x A Pony Gelding Galloway - Show Hunter
    1 x A Pony mare lareg pony - Show Hunter

    Hopefully i will get entry form today so i can send it off over the weekend.
  18. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Dont you ever just take one and relax??? I dunno how you do it Scorpio???**)
  19. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    We aren't going, not one of my favourites of the Arab shows, and Winnie isn't back in work yet.:)
  20. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Interesting Maree4... this is probably my favourite of the three arab shows :D

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