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    Hi All,

    Please if you can help that would be great!!

    I have 2 horses in need of a new long term agistment located between Crestmead and Jimboomba is preferred. I am a trail rider so would prefer an area that is not right on main highways so that I can take my horses out riding, however any place that has a flat area on location is great as I still do basic training/flat work with the horses. I would also like to be able to store at least my horses hard feed onsite and if I could store a small amount of daily used gear (rugs being worn/saddle and riding gear) that would be a bonus, but is definately not needed. I am a very attentive owner and our horses are always properly cared for and well maintained. My price range is $80 p/w neg depending on what is available.

    I can go in the wider area if needed. Having issues at current place, hence the need to move. (including high turnover of horses not being introduced to the group properly, and mainly feed and gear being used/going missing). Have address with owner on multiple occasions to no avail :(

    Thanks Bek

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