Agistment at the showgrounds

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by lozza987, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I need to hear opinions. How did/does your horse cope. Do they get put out with other horses during the day? Is there many agisters? What the tack, locker situation like? And do you have to move arenas a lot because of the lessons? Any info and opinions would be nice :)
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    Haven't been there myself, but since you haven't gotten any replies, maybe make an appointment to inspect the yard?
  3. dopeyqh

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    Do not do it. My horse was there for 2 weeks (because the owners wouldn't let me move him out prior even though I paid them out in advance.) It was 2 or 3 years ago (same owners) and I swore to myself never to do it again. I lived in the city and would rather drive 2 and a half hours than have him there.

    It is not natural for horses to be kept like that. He was underfed, not cared for, injured while in their supervision, and he wasn't treated- I wasn't informed of any injuries until I got there that afternoon and found it myself. I was there twice every day, had I not been there maintaining his feed/stable/condition god knows what he would've looked like.

    You never get the chance to use the arenas as they are always busy. Most people there are quite rude and dismissive- its very much a bitchy environment.

    They charge you ridiculous amounts per week to be able to ad-lib feed hay to your horse which is absolutely necessary when stabling. Horses shouldn't be stabled full time. Every horse there was absolutely miserable, just go and have a look at the place. They claim to let them out to "graze" but there is nothing to graze on- and it doesn't help that they never let the horses out.

    Save your time and effort, and agist full board half an hour from the CBD for the same cost at somewhere which will cater to both your needs and the needs of your horse.

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