Aggressive Mini Pony

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Meznuraie, Feb 14, 2012.

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    and wont leave the lawn as uneven with dead pulled out bits all over it AND eat your fav plants too.*#)
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    You have received some great advice here already, and I must commend you on the cute wee halter that you make yourself....well done you!

    Now.....What to do with this young stud?

    I would definately geld him as soon as possible, he does not look to me to be of a high enough standard to warrant keeping him entire, and a gelding will have a far more fulfulling life.

    Stop hand feeding the treats. All treats must go into the feed buckets on the ground or hooked on the fence, but never ever hand feed him again. This is especially if you have children of your own, or are likely to have children come to visit.

    Watch his body language when you drop a few carrots into his bucket, inparticular his facial expressions. If he puts his ears back and marches up to get his treats, then you do have a dominance issue with him.

    I am not sure of your level of horse skill, so you may need to have help with this, but if he marches up to the feed bucket and you with his ears back and a snarley look on his face, then you need to drive him away from the food scource. Basically, guard the food until he shows you nice face with him waiting back for your instruction that he can come forward to have it. You can either just leave the yard and let him have the food, or you can control the process even further by inviting him in, and send him away at the first sign of rudeness. Rudeness is some or all of these: ears back/teeth bared/biting/attempted biting/shaking his head at you/rushing in at you to try to drive you away from the feed/swinging his behind around at you (be careful of this one as he may well double barrell you in the kisser)/raring/barging or pushing or crowding. These are all dominance displays and they need to be nipped in the bud pronto.

    Be very careful about pushing his shoulder away which leave his behind closer to you. He could double barrell you, and two pony hooves in your face is not a good look.

    Teaching him to lead, tie up and lunge will help to teach him that you have rules and he has to do as you ask...this will be helpful, but dont cut him too much slack, just treat him like a horse. And a word or caution, do not let him make his own decision to change direction of his own free will. You must be controlling his direction, his speed and the duration of the lesson.....then after the hose down, you control if he is to get those treats in the bucket!

    I know I sound mean, but if you dont toughen up on this wee man, he is going to run rings around you and your whole family, and it will get to the point than no one will want to go into the back yard anymore, for fear of being mobbed by this horse.

    Good luck, and I would love an update as you go.
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    "Nip it in the butt!!!"

    you need to get his attitude sorted now. as minnies are storng little animals, and the smaller the horse the more cleaver it is, you can try taking a dressage whip in with you , and teach him your rules... he is to back up if you step to him.... teach him this be gently tapping his shins... this also works for leading him. and the whip is just an extention of your arm... not a beating stick!! :)

    i HAD a very agressive mare who had no rules, would attack people who walked past her yard. you couldnt go in her yard other than to feed her, and leading her was a hold on and hope she didnt get away from you. 2 weeks of constant rules, and she was a lamb. she has been turned out in a paddock and untouched and still knows the rule... even with people she could get away with murder. all from teaching her manners and respect... and other than firm taps on her brest with the whip when she bit, not a foul word or hand touched her. they are your "child" and if we start to get too PC with our horses we will end up with alot of foul animals, as they will know no better.

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