After care for the hoof abscess

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    Hi all, this is my first post as Ive just been lurking and reading threads for a while now.
    My horse had an abscess back at the end of June, It was drained of pus and continued with dry poultices for a while afterwards. it reoccurred again a few weeks ago and we began poulticing again, first wet (with epson salts) then dry poultices.
    the horse is moving well (honing around the paddock like an idiot) but the bandaging of his hoof takes a long time each day and he has started getting pretty fractious whilst Im doing this. (he is normally very compliant) I looked into boots but the advise was that they could slip whilst he is being an idiot in the paddock and cause more problems.
    so whats the best way of packing the hole to keep the dirt out?
    Ive got a Hoof stick (a waxy stuff thats supposed to be good for cracks etc) also tried tuff Rock and have stockholm tar as well (though I haven't tried that)
    I don't want to keep it bandaged up too much as he is beginning to get small pressure sores and I feel the hoof needs to 'breathe' (for want of a better term.
    Any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance :)

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