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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by brilah, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. brilah

    brilah New Member

    We had our ash mare ai'd on her last cycle. She had fluid so was needled to expell the fluid, was then bred and needled again. She was scanned not in foal at 14 days and I am sure she had no fluid. Took her back on Monday had a little bit of fluid, but not a lot, follicles of 43mm. She was given oxy on Monday while I was there, then I left her at the equine centre. She's been given ab's to clear up infection, vet took swabs and hasn't been able to grow anything. She was bred on Tuesday, and has since ovulated, but still has a lot of fluid. At his stage she has 50/50 chance of going in foal this time around if she can clear the fluid up today or tomorrow.

    She's not a maiden, and went in foal first go last time. Can people please share there experiences with me.
  2. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Hey there, sorry to hear you didn't have any luck on the last cycle :( Fingers crossed for more success this time!

    I thought I'd dig out a couple of related articles that you might like to read. I hope that they help give you a better understanding of what's happening.

    The Dirty Mare

    Oxytocin use in the mare during breeding
  3. brilah

    brilah New Member

    Thanks Sil. I read them. And a lot of others that I googled. I guess all I can do now is wait, as much as its killing me.
  4. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Had a problem with my mare failing to get in foal due to fluid. The best way to diagnose the problem is through an uterine biopsy. Swabs are far from accurate.

    In cases of AI, administering Dex or preddy granules the morning before insemination can prevent this.

    Worked a charm on my mare.
  5. pin

    pin New Member

    My only experience with this didn't end well I'm afraid.

    My TB mare had a live service with her first foal, and settled immediately.

    Her caslick was still open after foaling, and she colicked. We suspect she developed an ascending metritis from the oil and crap getting sucked up. Anyhow I spent a motza clearing up the metritis, and we tried covering her that season once with chilled semen from interstate. Nada.

    We then tried the following season twice. Both times she was treated for fluid, and AI'd by a local stallion with 1 hour old excellent semen. She failed to conceive either time.

    Now having said that, it was much later in the season than I would have liked, so we stopped and were going to try again last season, but I lost her to colic in the meantime.

    If you aren't already, I would be making sure I was using a vet who does a LOT of repro work, and doesn't just dabble.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and PS: If she just wont take, could you afford ET? Success rates are constantly improving....
    If my mare had lived long enough I would have tried ET.
  6. brilah

    brilah New Member

    So the vet I am using, who lives and breathes breeding horses, still hasn't been able to get the fluid issue under control. We are heading out to pick her up soon and then play the waiting game with little to no chance of her being in foal. The 2 equine vets both think she is just rejecting this stallions semen. She had no fluid at her 14 day scan on her first round of ai. Our game plan: no more ai for her. We will scan her at 14 days (12/11) and if she is clear of fluid as she was before, we will natural serve her, not the same stallion unfortunately, but is my second choice.
  7. She is rejecting not the semen but the extender. Ask the vets who collect the horse to use a different extender to ship.:)
  8. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Agree with Coliban. What are the vets doing to prevent the reaction?
  9. brilah

    brilah New Member

    Treated with oxy the first time round as there wasn't a lot of fluid, by 14 days it had cleared with neg preg test, but had folds in her uterus and came back round pretty quick. Second go round was a bit of a blurr really, she had follicles of 43 at 17 - 18 days post ovulation. She had a tiny bit of fluid, less than first go round, inseminated past fluid. Flushed her, took swabs, oxy etc. all it did was make the problem worse.
    We are moving to plan b. will be given immune suppressants before breeding, which will be via live cover.
  10. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Brilah, your repro vet did nothing to help your mare with this issue!!! I would seriously be considering changing repro vet. They are either useless or do not care about getting your mare in foal.

    Sorry to sound harsh, bit my mare did the exact same thing, time and time and again. The vet kept going blah blah blah about crap. I trotted of and did my own research and got treated like an idiot.

    Change of repro vet, one single injection the morning before insemination. Two foals on the ground, one insemination for each. A whole lot less oxy and a whole lot less flushing.

    Unfortunately experience has told me taught me that the majority of repro vets are useless, at best. I wouldn't let the majority touch my mare with a ten foot barge pole.
  11. We have been using Fiona Lacey from Olive Grove vets (NOR) with 100% success (FS and Chilled AI) for around 10 breeding seasons. She would be without a doubt the best repro vet in WA, we were damn lucky to discover her, she has done her magic for us this year again with a good mare and a very poor quality FS.
    Peter McKeon (sp?) was brilliant as well (SOR) but he retired few years back.

    There are good and average repro vets. There are also good and bad breeding mares. Unfortunately some are just don't work when it comes to chilled or frozen because they react to extenders.:} but would go in foal without a fail with the natural cover.
    Breeding is a very expensive exercise, you need to have both - a good mare and a good vet to maximise your chances. Otherwise you might as well write out a cheque for few thousand dollars and burn it.:}
  12. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Couldn't agree more with you Coliban. I used Patrick Brogan before he left. As far as I'm concerned he was hands down the best in WA. But, the vet is not doing even close to enough to help Brilah get her mare in foal via chilled. The majority of repro vets in WA need a kick up the backside.
  13. Patrick was trained by Fiona.:rolleyes: then he sent us a letter trying to get our business:eek:. We stayed where we were:D, why change something that's not broken?:D

    It is not too late in season to change vets for Brilah. As a paying customer you can only be loyal to a vet that delivers results. Learn your lesson, quit and walk away.:} On the other hand if the mare is not a good candidate for chilled AI or FS there is not much anyone can do.:eek:
  14. brilah

    brilah New Member

    Thanks everyone for your advice. Unfortunately, we have decided not to do another round of ai on her. She was clean at her 14 day scan, so we will try live cover.

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