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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Golden Biscuit, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Golden Biscuit

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    Hi guys, wasnt too sure where to put this but long story short we keep our horses at a 'friends' property. they are completely non horsey but have just been talking to their friends who had recent problems with their agisters and now the property owners are being sued because the horse and rider go injured!

    Now we are being asked to sing an agreement stating the property owners take no responsibility for the horses, riders, ourselves or any guests we bring onto the property... its all legal mumbo jumbo but has just been printed off a normal computer. I dont have a problem with signing a disclaimer or anything but was wondering if anyone had any advice about it? Is there any official EWA forms we can use for this purpose instead of whatever these people have written up?

    There is always children out there to and im worried that if they happen to leave a gate open and my horses get out and hurt they are gunna say too bad... any advice?
  2. CDA

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    those 'computer typed' insurance 'disclaimers' are not worth anything when it comes down to the husband is a lawyer!

    Don't see a problem with u signing it - it is to protect them in case you want to sue them, which it sounds like you would not do as you already take responsibility for your pony :)
  3. Tails

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    I agree with CDA.......they are not even worth the paper they are written on, but then if it makes the owners happy you could sign it. It goes both ways though, they could still sue you if anything went really wrong, just the same as you could sue them. There is duty of care, etc.etc.
  4. janm3680

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    My understanding of this situation is: If your "friends" have home and contents insurance then they are probably covered for personal indemnity as well. Most property insurance covers in the region of $20 mil... so if someone injures themselves on their property they are covered should they be sued.. However, with regard to your signing their agistment contract, as mentioned previously, will not be worth the paper it's printed on... there remains no matter what, a "Duty of Care". So it probably would be politic of you to sign it and keep the peace so to speak... Hope this helps.. :)
  5. MiaGG

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    It just doesn't seem fair if its not your fault and something happens!! If you sign it I'd lock the gates, make sure plugs on water troughs can't be pulled out, keep your tack offsite of lock feed rooms, ect.!

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