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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Monument, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Monument

    Monument New Member

    Im used to riding in a dressage saddle but have had a bad fall from my 17hh plus TB and lost my nerve so am looking to buy a stock saddle to give me a little more security. Any advice on what stock saddles anyone else loves and are really comfortable?:confused::confused::confused:
  2. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road Well-known Member

    It is all about personal preference really. I have a Scott Welsh, that I love, it is super comfy, like sitting in an arm chair, but not a saddle I would say really holds you in. It is made for polox so I can really get up out of it. Though mine is also an old one and I hear he has employed other saddler sand the newer ones are not so great.

    If your budget is smaller you may want to consider a bates or winter. Decent saddles and the bates are also comfy and tend to hold you in.

    There are a few saddles in WA, I have only ridden in saddles from two of them, Simon Gray's saddles are light, comfy and you can choose the style of girth points you want, I like two buckles but some people like a latigo. Simon is a relatively new saddler and I think his saddles are great, but still need a little fine tuning.

    Haold Pitcher is in Toodyay and has been around forever. Really good craftsmanship beautiful saddles, though I find them a bit heavy for my liking. They are also big saddles, very much a western saddle with knee rolls instead of a horn.

    I haven't heard great things about the horse lines saddles, but I have no direct experience with them.

    A few of my friends have Bethel's but I find them similar to Harold's. Also you are looking at $5g and a 12 month wait.

    I was going to buy a Dennis Milner saddle, but I ordered 2 years ago and have been chasing him up ever since, and still don't have a saddle I was told would take 3 months. Nice comfy saddles if you can get him to make it!!!

    Now I am looking at a Stan Bowd, but have yet to ride in one, so I am not keen to fork out $6000 for a saddle I haven't tried. I have been bitten doing that before.
  3. Monument

    Monument New Member

    Thanks for this. I was a bit more budget conscious as this is the second saddle i will buy this year. :blink:
  4. Rosinante

    Rosinante Active Member

    You could also consider a half breed saddle. There are some pretty good ones out there these days, either synthetic or leather :)

    KINGSBONES Active Member

    If you are used to riding in a dressage saddle I would recommend a bates stock saddle as they sit you more like a dressage, the bates wintec stock saddles are very comfy and while I don't have one myself I have only heard great reveiws of them! I have a old RM Williams stock saddle and it is a awesome saddle to ride in!
    I would steer clear of the half breed swinging fenders as they tend to put you in a more 'lounge chair' position and I have also found with the halfbreeds the 'cheaper' ones (under $2000) can be quite difficult to fit properly.. Good luck :)

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