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Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by Shenalar, May 15, 2009.

  1. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Does anyone else have trouble scrolling past the advertisements that are in amongst the posts?

    Just in the last week or so I have been getting so frustrated with my computer/stockies as most threads I go into were 'freezing' for no apparent reason, and I was unable to scroll down anymore.... or up for that matter, it wouldn't let me do anything, but after being 'frozen' for anything from 30 seconds to up to 2 minutes, it would suddenly scroll again.

    Tonight, I have noticed that it always happens at the advertisements that appear within the posts in a thread.

    Any idea why?
    I'm not clicking on them or anything......... just scrolling down........ every time.

    Very frustrating!

    Think the ads are called 'sponsored links'
  2. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    I think it's a problem with your computer Shenalar not a forum problem.
  3. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Yep- I have that prob sometimes too shenalar!
    read the first post...wait for the ads to rest of thread...:}
  4. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    I'm having similar issues too...seems to be worst when I use tabbed browsing (windows) too. And it's only stockies, as I visit 3 -4 other forums (NH) and have no issues there.
  5. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one having probs.

    Frustrating waiting isn't it PSO #(

    Chavi - sounds like exactly what's happening to me - and I also visit other forums with similar setups and have no problems at all *sigh*
  6. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    No idea on this one ladies, it definitely sounds like a problem with your computer configuration or internet connection. It should also be noted that not all websites display their ads the same way.

  7. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Yep! I was getting the same thing and every other forum is fine except this one.
  8. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Has something been done to change the ads?

    Just wondering, as before I was only getting the bankwest ads, and now I am getting all different ones, and my 'freezing' problem is fixed.

    Did something change admin? anyone else noticed an improvement?

    yayyyyyyyy :)
  9. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Hi Shenalar,

    We are under contract to display these ads so I have no control which ads are served up at any given time or the period of time they run for. I tend to agree that the Bankwest ad has caused some minor problems. Should we have a return of these problems I will request that it be removed.

  10. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Hi admin,
    Well it was good for a little while - but my 'page freezing' problems are back, and I've noticed the bankwest ads on every page again :( I have no doubt it is them causing my problems.
    I hope they don't appear for too long *sigh*
  11. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Hi Shenalar,

    I will phone the head man tomorrow as it has caused problems for Stockyard in other areas also.

  12. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Thanks admin.
  13. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Shenalar, I have removed the ad that is displayed after the first post on each page. Please let me know if this helps.

  14. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    so far so good admin - all is flowing nice and smooth again :)
  15. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Thanks Shenalar. So I can try to get some sort of handle on this problem can you please advise the following:-

    • what browser you are using;
    • are you using a pc or mac;
    • what operating system are you using(xp, vista, linux etc.);
    • how much computer ram do you have;
    • how do you connect to the internet(adsl, cable, satellite, dial-up).

  16. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    ok admin :)

    Browser = Internet Explorer
    OS = Win XP
    Ram = 512 MB
    Connection = adsl - 1500/256

    Hope this gives you some clues.
  17. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator

    Sometimes Internet Explorer will have a "buffer" period while all the ads are download then displayed all at once. This could be causing your issue because all the ads will pop up at once, therefore overloading your browser and causing it to freeze. This is only a minor issue, so could I recommend you upgrading your computer RAM or simply changing over to Firefox. Firefox has a different setup displaying the ads as they load.

    Let me know how you go...

  18. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    ok Shane - I've been thinking of having the RAM increased anyway - I don't really want to change my browser just for a forum - I've used IE for about 15 years now and I'm afraid I am a creature of habit......... Never really had a problem with it in any other way.

    Just a question though - if it is because all the ads load at once, causing IE to freeze - why does it only happen when the bankwest ads are appearing in the threads? Doesn't happen with the ones that are there currently.

    Also, I do visit some other forums, and have never had this problem anywhere else?

    Thanks again for your advise :)
  19. Shane

    Shane Super Moderator

    This would only be occuring with the Bankwest ads simply because of the higher visual and memory load on your computer compared to some of the other ads. Also the bankwest ads were made in flash and used a more outdated form of actionscript this could also have some underlying affiliated problems. As I mentioned previously your best bet at preventing this problem from occuring again is to either upgrade you RAM or switch to FireFox.

    I hope this helps,

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2009
  20. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    ok - makes sense - Thanks Admin's Son - I think he's lucky to have you *#)

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