Adjusting towball height?

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Blackbat, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    So, new car's towball is too low for float, the float tips down in front slightly. Can towball or car be adjusted, if so what is involved?

    It's funny, old car hitched level with both floats, new bigger car is level with old light float but lower with new heavier extended float. Hope something can be done to alter things.
  2. Magic Moon

    Magic Moon Well-known Member

    Put up a photo of your towbar and the rating of the towbar. It depends on the make and design of the towbar as to what you can do.
  3. Skittled

    Skittled Well-known Member

    My old trick was to turn the tounge and towball upside down, but it depends on what set up you have.
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    If you have a reece hitch set up, you can buy different height tongues that pin back in to the main hitch. Around $60 from Repco, Auto Pro, muffler and tow bar centres and 4WD shops etc. **)
  5. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Me + photo bucket= not friends.

    But I have got a Hayman Reese interchangeable one, so if the tongue flip trick is no good, looks like I can get what I want from autoshop, thanks :)

    Wonder how they are sized. Plus/minus neutral, like hip replacements :p I'm thinking of unhitching float, winding jockey bar until the float rocker-roller suspension is level, then tape measuring from inside towball hitch recess to the ground. Then asking for (for example) a 35cm towball height. Is that thinking too lateral?
  6. Magic Moon

    Magic Moon Well-known Member

    If it is a Hayman Reece hitch, take it to a tow bar specialist, preferably one who sells Hayman Reece. Remember, you are towing an expensive float with your horse in it. As well as the above, there are a number of legal requirements. Not sure Autoshop would be the best to go to. Is the Hayman Reece you have rated for float/horse combination you are towing?
  7. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    Well, I bought a car with a 3 tonne towing capacity, and the towbar was fitted by dealership because I said I wanted to tow a horse float. You would imagine you'd get a towbar fitted which complied with your intended purpose, the equipment's capacity and the law. But yes, you can't assume.

    It's now due it's 1000km service (only had it 9 days), so will ask the dealer your questions MM. Hope I can trust the answers.

    I took photos of it hitched with the jockey wheel down tonight. Between the wheel coming off the floor, and wound down lifting the float until its level, is about 8cm difference.

    This sort of stuff should be part of getting your drivers licence, along with changing a tyre (already had that experience this week too- it's been a drama this car) and towing a trailer.
  8. ovaxitd

    ovaxitd New Member

    You will find that you can indeed get set up/ down hitches from trailer shops made by reece etc.

    You can always buy an adjustable hitch so you can change for other trailers etc. Many of these are only rated at 2250/2500 although i was in a situation borrowing friends float that tipped it down hill so bought

    Adjustable Towbar Tongue Ball Mount Hitch 2" X 2" Plus Towball PIN Clip TOW | eBay

    This lets you have many different combinations and is the highest rated at 2722kgs legally.

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