Aachille's First Week At The Breakers

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by Northern Peregrine, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Will just have to play it by ear . He may be fine for the rest of his life or he may not. Won't know without giving him a fair chance. The only restriction that really has been placed on him by Murdoch is not to jump again until he is at least six. But I've decided, in his best interests, that there won't be any more serious jumping for him anyway.
    I've recently found out that I also have arthritis. It's in my knees..I've suspected it for a while..and the worst knee is the same side as Aachi's worst leg. I guess we are just a good match :)
  2. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Just wondering if anyone else has a horse like this? I'm really, genuinely curious. Is it an age thing ( nearly 5) or have I just got the horse equivalent of Frank Spencer?
    Aachi's latest misadventure is that while he was having his feet trimmed today, he fell over . Completely. On concrete. I was holding him and have no real idea what happened but he went down like a 17 + hand sack of spuds and because of the slippery hoof trimmings on the floor couldn't get himself up again easily. There was much thrashing about.
    Luckily he managed to miss skewering himself on the hoof stand and/ or killing the trimmer. I honestly thought he'd really done it this time as he was hopping on three legs went he got up. He seems much better now after a rest and there is no obvious swelling but he has partially skinned both knees and there is a cut on his offside hind fetlock. I wasn't planning too much for him this week anyway but .. :(
  3. CTCT

    CTCT New Member

    Have you considered wobblers???
  4. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Well no . He doesn't usually fall over. In fact this is the first time..if it was the fiftieth time I might be worried. Stuff just happens to him. He extracts his own teeth or puts his legs through things or gets cellulitis because of a small graze etc And then of course OCD/arthritis. He does tend to be a bit of a goof off and I think he simply slipped while balancing on three legs. He's had plenty of vet assessments and hospital visits ..I'm pretty sure anything like that would have been picked up by now :)
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  5. PF

    PF Active Member

    I really don't think it is wobblers (or any other illness/disease or medical condition) I think he is just a clown, delinquent and klutz!!! He was leaning pretty hard on me while I was trimming the front leg and then he tried to move sideways - I happened to be looking at his back leg so I actually saw it slip sideways on the slippery hoof trimmings and down he went. I was very selfish and jumped out of the way instead of being the cushion for his fall!!!!! He lobbed on his belly and then as NP said he thrashed around like a beetle on it's back for a bit before he managed to get enough purchase to get up. The big dill looked a bit sheepish for a while after.

    Hope he shows no ill effects for his adventure NP.
  6. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    :) I agree with the above 'diagnosis'. He's a klutz and a clown. He seems to be fine now except for his cut ( which doesn't look too bad) and a few knee scrapes. Still looking a bit sheepish though. I don't think this one has got him out of much work this week after all.
    Btw all the previous mishaps I mentioned are within the space of less than a year. I haven't even mentioned his troubles aged 14months - 4 years ( Such as the stick that went into his front leg) Point is we start getting somewhere.. and then he does something or gets something . He always seems to bounce back though :)
  7. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Some horses are just trouble magnets aren't they NP. *sigh* I guess in he wild they would be lion dinner in very short order.

    He is lucky to have you looking after him. I know a lot of people who would have given up and gotten rid of him.
  8. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    I had a big solid tb who was exactly the same. He was an accident waiting to happen and always had skin off and numerous lumps and bumps. He was a favourite of the vets because he spent so much time hanging around the hospital recovering from one thing or another. I put it down to a general dopeyness and tendency to misjudge pretty much everything.
  9. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Well Aachi is definitely a favourite of the vets too..especially as most of my wages go there. Thing is he's not really that clumsy in general. He rarely trips or stumbles when he is ridden and he is careful and calculating over jumps ( when he was jumping) Rick's partner puts it down to sheer bad luck due to his name being Aachilles. She says he will always have problems with his legs with that name and I should change it to Allen. Unfortunately Aachilles is on his WB rego papers but I'm starting to consider it :)
  10. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    Unless there is a really sure footed Allen I think you should change his name to someone who is a sports star or stuntman or movie action hero just to be on the safe side.
  11. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Maybe Arnold or Sylvester then? ..um, actually Arnold wouldn't be too bad. He answers to Aachi so Arnie doesn't sound too different. :)
    I'm planning on taking him to ARC this weekend and am filled with excitement and a little bit of trepidation.. which is slightly out of proportion to going to a club lesson, I guess .
    Aachi/ Arnie wasn't such a good boy for a start with his lesson at Ricks this week. He made the classic schoolboy error of trying it on with Rick. He never turns himself inside out ...as Rick puts it.. but he was in a "shan't do it " mood straight up. This earned him a couple of extra innings with Rick . When I got to ride him he was fairly pooped and I almost had to get off and push. He was also trying a bit of the old unseat -the- rider -by-grabbing-the- reins trick which almost had me tipped forward once or twice. He seems to have slid back to old ways a little since the time off, but I'm hoping things will get better again. I was thinking about taking him to the ARC spring dressage comp to do a prep test but I think the chances of doing a good test in a month's time is about equal to us getting to the Olympics. I could be wrong though :)

    Btw, Just as an addit the vet was out and assessed him the day before the lesson and he was pronounced perfectly sound. I am getting his teeth done again shortly though, just in case.
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  12. bigredeventer

    bigredeventer New Member

    Dropping in to see how Mr Aachi and you are going NP??
  13. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Still chipping away :) It's been a year since Aachi first went to the breakers and it's been more off-time than on-time but we are very slowly getting there.. with loads of professional help. He will be five this month and I have just turned forty- nine and our respective joints are still holding up okay. His are better than mine actually . Have been doing groundwork and riding him at home and have been having regular lessons at Henley Brook Dressage Centre. He's pretty good with the forwardness now..mostly..but can still be resistive to anything but very light contact. Haven't been worrying about the head so much up to this point just keeping him forward has always been the focus but now the time has arrived. My instructor Alison introduced him slowly to lunging with running reins which is helping him accept the contact without the complication of me on top. I'm getting his teeth done this week and will get the chiro etc to make sure there's no physical issues or anything as well. Won't be going to the ARCA dresage comp ..not ready..but might make the Wanneroo Fun Hack Day in November. Fingers crossed. :)




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  14. bigredeventer

    bigredeventer New Member

    Such a nice looking bum! You guys look super :)
  15. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Not too much to report lately. Aachi is now five and we are keeping on with the dressage lessons. There's been some good bits, some average bits and some really unattractive bits but, overall, he's been pretty obliging. He has had his teeth and back done again and seems improved for it. Still a very long way to go though. He is getting much fitter .. sadly can't say the same for me though. My bad knees have been holding me back a lot but one of my major goals is to get fit for next year, so I can keep up with him :)
    Have entered Wanneroo Hack show on the 17th. No illusions about winning anything, just going for a ..hopefully ..nice day out.



    Slightly more attractive.. well, he is anyway. I think I'm holding my breath again :)

  16. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Well done NP! I have really enjoyed reading your progress and definately with you all the way with your statement:

    There's been some good bits, some average bits and some really unattractive bits

    I am coming up to a year broken in with my little fella and similar that he has had more time off then under saddle. We are going through the 'make me' stage at the moment and I love seeing people keep trucking on and making progress with their youngsters.

    Good luck with the show :D
  17. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    Went for a pre -hack-show lesson at Henley Brook Dressage this morning and as much as I would like to have a pic of us doing something other than trotting in the arena , I don't because thats pretty much where its still at right now. As it is there has been some challenging behaviour creeping in again recently. This morning, straight after I got on him , Aachi decided he chuck a bit of a tanty straight up. I would like to call it Airs Above The Ground but it wasn't asked for so, I guess it was a couple of small -to- medium sized rears . Luckily not close to full on bad behaviour but disturbing enough on a large lump like him. Either way his front feet came right off the ground.. twice. He was just walking off on a loose-ish rein so I think it was just a bit of out and out narkiness but I don't know. :(
    He behaved all right after that when he settled back down but it wasn't a very good start. I'm undecided how worried I should be about it as the rest of the lesson was pretty okay. He become much more reactive and fitter now, so hoping its just one off high-jinks. I hadn't ridden him for about ten days before today although we have been doing regular lunging with running reins and the contact issue is much improved.
    I've noticed he has gone slightly bum-high again too. Fred Watkins reckoned he'd be 18 hands eventually and as he is already around 17.2, I'm beginning to believe it. That probably means a new float as he's close to busting out of the current extended one already
    Anyway he's earned himself a catch -up session with Uncle Rick tomorrow morning now :)

  18. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    I was a little worried about going to the hack show on Sunday after yesterday's issues but no naughty Warmblood showed up today.

    Getting his pipes professionally cleaned out :)

  19. MilkyBarKid

    MilkyBarKid New Member

    I'll look forward to seeing you guys out at the hack day, sunday :)
  20. RubyLou

    RubyLou Active Member

    Wow he looks great!!!:) I find if Ruby has had a break the first ride or 2 back she can be shall we say a bit challenging*#) Maybe Aachi might be the same!! After that she is great...I put it down to she thinks she should have been left in the paddock...she doesn't have the best work ethic going around!!

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