A thread for non-gold members Part 2

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Noelle, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Scarlet

    Scarlet Well-known Member

    Lol at allowance...mine is our joint account...if I want to spend something without him knowing I take out cash over a few weeks and do it that way...but generally that's only presents for him! Otherwise he just accepts the fact that I've worked most of our relationship and that being pregnant & sick means I'm not likely to be working for a while yet...underwear is the one thing he never complains about me buying ;)

    As for budgeting, I buy bulk where possible and love to make big slow cooker meals and freeze individual portions, no tempting to get takeaway when you can pull that out & defrost...and a bread maker makes a huge difference!
  2. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    PS my husband really is the bees knees :D

    I don't even cook :eek:

    I do the laundry though :p.
  3. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Do you have plans for work after your baby is born scarlet?
  4. Scarlet

    Scarlet Well-known Member

    OH wants to start a business for us to run, otherwise it'll be running the farm while he's FIFO, although I'm trying to learn more about using my camera so I can do animal/owner portraits, animal stud promo/sale photography and farm photos...certainly haven't ruled out working part time once bub is bit older!

    I basically don't buy much other than what we need (groceries, bills, fuel etc), he knows that my priority is us saving for our property)
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  5. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Oh wow, sounds like you will went and truly be keeping out of mischief then.
  6. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Photographic proof of my ride yesterday! I've finished my jobs - just waiting for the laminator to warm up now

    Looking a bit wild


    She has this strange habit of rubbing her face on her leg when she gets tense or nervous. Always the same leg. Always when tense. Odd little thing.


    And to prove I really did get a leg over!!
  7. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    I'll start budgeting when people stop making such awesome clothes, shoes, horse gear.... :} Heh! I can't see my shopping addiction ending (and right now I am sitting at work with a new bridle and a new dress in packages next to me! :eek:)

    And on the same note...my new laptop arrived yesterday! Woopee!

    I still feel guilty for it though....but new stuff!
  8. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    So that means clean sheets :D
  9. Nicnacs_Mistress

    Nicnacs_Mistress Well-known Member

    Is clean sheets a euphemism for the birds and the bees?

    I wish my power bill was like yours Deb, ours is about $800 a quarter (!) for 2 of us, and no one's home 3 days a week!

    Hopefully after installing a gas hot water system and a gas/electric oven our bill will go down. Next thing to be replaced is the fridge and freezer cause the fridge seems to constantly run.
  10. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Amen! ASOS app on my iPhone is... dangerous :p And I have a new obsession with OPI nail polishes
  11. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    forgot to say..... am still pregnant!! looking more and more like i have swallowed a watermelon whole and i keep forgetting how far out it sticks and walking into everything! i wasnt this 'infront' with my boys - i was more all over fat then just watermelon baby fat :p*#)

    had another ctg thingy today and she is down and ready and not moving much as (in the midwives exact words) 'she has grown up too quick and has no room! get ready for a right madam to be born'... sigh..... crap haha :D

    but in saying all this i am actually feeling better in myself then i have done for most of the pregnancy - dont get me wrond the nose bleeds, irritated uterus, random contractions and everything else is annoying but remarkably i am feeling quite good
  12. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Oh my gosh mav...I do not envy you!! :eek:

    I'm starting to think I'm really an afternoon person. I've been dragging my feet all day, really battling to do anything. Now, finally, the day is almost over and I'm starting to feel like a human being and wanting to get stuff done ';' why couldn't I feel like this 8 hours ago :( *#)
  13. capnjack

    capnjack Well-known Member

    I'm NEVER human in the mornings!

    I used to have a real problem with waking up - I would be in a daze for most of the day, couldn't remember getting to places, once I 'woke up' at work (I had been rostered on, was meant to be there) but couldn't remember ANY of the breakfast service (McDonalds, I was the only one on kitchen open). I was going to bed early, getting 8 hours sleep, and eating properly ';'

    Doctor said I had chronic fatigue syndrome, and gave me some tablets to take in the mornings, and it woke me up! I had plenty of energy all day, but would sort of crash around 7pm.

    When I went through my bad drug addict days, I stopped taking them and never went back on them after coming off drugs altogether, and I can't for the life of me remember what they were called.
  14. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Yes Noelle ;)
    Exactly :p
  15. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Holy crap Cap'n
    I think there's more than a story or two in there :eek:
  16. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    For all you non morning people- start exercising in the morning and take a good look at diet :)

    I HATE mornings- but always find them easier when I got to a 6am or 7am gym class, and then have a protein filled breaky after.
  17. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Well I may be a morning and evening person ';'*#)
    This evening I'm going to wakakirri :)) and my kid only did it to get out of school Now now has discovered he hates wakakirri more than the class he was trying to get out of bahahha sufferrrrr :D

    Any other wakakirri's here ?
  18. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Exercising in the mornings might be an idea... Do sit ups/push ups count as exercise? Running doesn't suit me full stop - I've tried it heaps, mornings, afternoons, nothing works ';' I always get to a certain point and feel like throwing up.
    I have a Workout Trainer app on my phone which has been handy...might have to crank that in the mornings...
    Bring on summer when there's no freezing cold floor/house to put me off!!

    My diet has improved heaps in the past few months **)

    I LOVED WAKAKIRRI!!!!!! I did it back in 05 - so much fun. We didn't do so well (most of the other schools had actual dance professionals to teach them...our dance teacher did pretty well considering!!) but had a ball with it all...
  19. capnjack

    capnjack Well-known Member

    lol I'm pretty sure I've told the story on stockies a few times Natty - I was addicted to ecstacy, went on a 6-week bender where I was taking 4-5 tablets a day, living on coffee, butterscotch lollies and the occasional cheeseburger at work (and yes, I was going to work off my face on drugs).

    I was coming out of an abusive relationship, didn't think there was anyone in the world left who cared about me - if anything, I thought they'd all be better off without me in their lives.

    My 'dealer' was in toowoomba the weekend that I ran out of pills, so I caught the bus down to see her. A mate asked me to bring his car back to town for him, so I thought 'yeah, no problems. I'll go and pick his car up, go get more drugs, head home.' I picked his car up, but my 'dealer' was out, so I had to drive home after 24 hours without anything.

    Got halfway home (middle of the night) when total despair hit me, and I purposely drove the car into a tree at about 120km/h.

    I woke up at around 3.30am, covered in blood (I had a small cut in my hairline on my head), and convinced I was dead and now stuck in purgatory. It was a country highway, so no traffic, and I set off up the highway thinking I'd spend the rest of eternity walking along the road as punishment. A truck came up over the hill, and bless the truckie - he stopped. I was so out of it, I asked him if he was the devil, because I was convinced I was headed for hell.

    He bundled me into the truck, drove me to the nearest hospital. I didn't tell anyone that it had been on purpose, but it was a real wake up call. There were skid marks on the road near where I'd crashed, and they ruled it an accident. I don't remember the impact, I only remember making the decision, then waking up. Thank God my mate had the car fully insured with me as a driver - although I've never stopped trying to make it up to him.

    A week after they let me out of hospital, I bought a horse - Irish Curse - my thoroughbred who kept forgetting he could canter, and he saved my life. He gave me the reason to get out of bed every morning, to try to make myself better as a person.

    Wow.. sorry for the novel guys..
  20. Nattyh

    Nattyh Guest

    Aww, Di :D
    I bet your were stunning :)

    You might not like the next bit - we have re-named it waka-weary :D

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