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    Read OBHH's post... it says that the ridden classes have changed so that mares and stallions do not compete against each other. It used to be ridden 12.2hh and under then ridden over 12.2hh with mares, geldings and stallions combined. Now it is ridden mare and gelding combined and a seperate class for ridden stallion. It would have made more sense to have ridden mare then ridden stallion/gelding to keep in line with the halter :(
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    YesI agree with you on that Mirawee. Who knows what they think when they make these decisions #(

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    Cav as from this year the RAS will recognise and allow APSB part Welsh Registered ponies to enter and compete the same as part bred APSB Connie ponies.

    The comment about ranting and raving was not actually aimed at you either I was just making a general comment that I'm sure if the other breeds such as Welsh or Riding ponies had the same issues they would be jumping up and down as well :)

    Mirawee I would have thought they would split the same as you suggested as well but as already proven they don't appear to be thinking of the competitor at all :(
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