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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by cathnrob, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Hi all:) I've been riding every day for the past week, but only walking!!..mainly. I have had the trot and canter happening but under hold so he never really stretches out which in my past life of riding unless I was'nt eventing I rode on a long rein!! When walking we are on a long rein but still have control if you get my gist, As soon as we go into the next transition I shorten, and hey he,s only a hack so want to give the head and relax, he does too because he shakes his head, I think I'm a little bit nervous!! Any ideas?? other than that its great but it's been 20 odd years since Ive ridden, and he's great to do anything with on the ground and even with riding.
  2. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    Ride ride ride ride and ride. It takes time to get back into it!! Take your time and do things as you feel you are ready. It takes time to trust your horse - it's normal to feel a bit nervous when you start out.

    When I bought my TB I was scared jumping 65cm. Now we have jumped 110cm because I trust him a bit more (but am still learning to trust him even more and him to trust me).
  3. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Yep, your right, have always, wether at work have pushed myself, but that was with heavy machinery, they don,t have a brain!! I was it(the brain) and you don,t have to have much of a brain for them!! LOL..( No offence to anyone who operates machinery)Just need to take the time and it will come with the riding and confidence thing.
  4. Pinkie_Pie

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    Yep... ride ride ride and ride some more. Give yourself time. Experiment a bit in a round yard or arena if you have access to something like that. Riding in the round yard did a lot for my confidence :) I could experiment with how my horse felt as I let her have her head in a trot. Can't wait to get back in the saddle!
  5. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Agree with the above, just ride, even if it's just walking enjoy it, take your time, get your sea legs back and then trot a few strides. Have fun :)
  6. paula223

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    Yes same here just take your time as theres no rush :)
    And even if you are just walking around the arena & a little trot here and there is enough for you both untill you get the feel for your horse & the confidance will come back with time & patiance **)
    Better to get to know your horse more and find out what makes you both feel comfortable
    It could takes days..weeks..months but who cares as long as you both get to enjoy each other and bond
    Heres to Great Days ahead **)**)
    Just enjoy xx
  7. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    It never occurred to me that I might actually be scared getting back on a horse after taking a 5 year break. I didn't realise how low my confidence had dropped. I was fine on the flat but as soon as I took my new horse out on a riding trail or over some jumps my legs turned to jelly and I was shaking thinking to myself - THIS IS MAD!!!

    I'm fine now - it took some time. I can't imagine what it feels like after so many years out of the saddle but if 5 years did that to me (someone who rode multiple horses daily and competition every weekend) I know a little something of what you are currently going through!
  8. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Came a gutsa!!! ouch...

    Hi all, well today was'nt a good day!!! Going for my ride, which I was thouroughly enjoying except for the flies, anyway on the return still only walking, he went from a walk to a gallop in one foul swoop!! Bolted on me and before I could gather up the reins, I was flying out the back!!! Came down to earth with a thud!!! Looked up to see him, tail in the air, in a cloud of dust!! I had to lay there for a bit, cos I was winded and checked to see there was no real damage and gingerly picked myself up and started the walk home, about a mile, along the fire-break, I was worried about him so rang my neighbour and they went over home to see if he was there, and he was munching on grass, as they are non-horse people they left him and rang and let me know,anyway I was nearly home, but they came and picked me up. By the time we got home he'd gone!! panicked!!! Anyway I jumped in the car and went looking for him and found him near my mates house who has 2 horses, anyway my mates horses were going feral and my boy was pretty calm, she was'nt home so I turned the toyota around and led him home driving. He was good, just trotted along beside the car. By the time I got home I was seizing up good and proper,:( only muscular I think, I put him away and checked him over, he's fine, unfortunately I did not get back on as I know you should but I was so sore and just wanted to get inside and have a hot shower. I think I will just ride him around the yard initially before venturing out again. I can't understand it, why he took off, could he have got his tongue over the bit?:confused::confused: It happened so quickly!!
  9. needanswers

    needanswers Well-known Member

    Oh no!!!!

    I hope there was no real harm done other than the bruises and stiff muscles.

    Build your confidence back up in the round yard. My bet is he saw something in the distance and decided he wasn't sticking around - which caught you by suprise.
  10. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Maybe, but on the way up he had his ears pricked and was looking around and I was aware but relaxed, on the way back he had his ears back, not flat, head up, and I actually looked around, but nothing untorward. Anyway I hav'ent got a arena but I might give my mate a ring I think she has one, his yard is not a bad size so that maybe an option. I knocked back a couple of anti-inflammatoriy and pain-killers, to keep the pain at bay but I can tell you I'm not moving very fast.:)
  11. realalvin

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    I AGREE.

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