A Bay and a Palomino Colts For Sale!

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  1. Don't miss the chance to buy a colt by Tru Blu Texan(imp) x Jet Boom own daughter!
    Tall, athletic, correct with great bone, legs and feet, all balanced with a long shoulder and huge hip, he is your ideal prospect for barrels, roping, reining and other discipliness that require agility, speed and cow. Priced to sell: $5500, FIRM, no offers.

    PC020004.AVI Bay Colt by Blu out of Jet Boom mare - YouTube

    For Sale: Palomino colt by Three Solid Bars(imp) x Metallic Oak(exp USA) mare. This spunk is simply awesome in all respect. Can't fault him - he is balanced, correct, tall, sweet natured and sooo pretty! His mane is snow white, I looked and couldn't find one single black or red hair. His color is PERFECT for showing and winning in palomino classes, his coat is clear with no smut. He will do well at halter or ridden and will make a great English or Western horse, mature around 16hh (could be even taller) This cross produces TALL horses.
    Priced to sell $5500 :) I will be putting him today on our website

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  2. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Hey Lena you are not allowed to sell my boy!!!!!!!! I started a new job this week. Part time to start then building up. So I have to save up to pay off my debt (credit card blew right out when i was transfered from carer's to newstart) and once I am debt free I can start saving. So he had better not be gone by the time my biggy bank is full lol. Hands off everyone else:lol::lol:he's mine all mine:rockon: well he would be if I knew exactly how soon I can get this debt off my head :):stir:
  3. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Good thing dreams are free SM.

    Lovely colts Coliban, hopefully they find some great homes soon :)
  4. I have measured the bay colt at 12.1hh, he is not quite 4 months old :D The pally boy is much younger but he also will mature tall.
  5. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Dont know how they haven't sold yet Lena. :) Might be hope for me yet lol:lol:
  6. I wish you bought one of mine many years ago, but you kept on buying cheap and unsound ones?';' surely the amount of $$ you'd spent on them would
    have bought you a nicely bred, sound QH of the breeding you like:p
  7. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Mmmm he is lovely, very tempting to jump ship and take this little fellar (bay) but alas it's rather exciting waiting to see what AM is cooking :D
  8. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    to true Lena. I am not going to get anymore free horses lol. Have a loan horse to ride for 2 years while Satin grows up enough to be able to put in a real work out. (Just turned two and i love riding for hours at a time)

    Shall start saving up for luxuries so that when I am on the hunt again I will have some money behind me :)
  9. The Palomino boy has been SOLD:D He is going to a wonderful home in WA.

    We still have a bay colt available for purchase.:))) He is our last baby left from this foal crop.
    Irreplaceable genetics of Jet Boom(imp/dec) Australia's most definite favourite stallion, famous and recognised for the versatility of his get.**)
    The boy has been weaned and will be ready to go in 4 weeks.
    He is a very dark, sleek bay with 2 hind white socks and a snip with the personality +++!:D
    Don't hesitate to inquire
    payment plan avail.
  10. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Congats to some lucky person out there (anyone lurking on this thread???) :D
  11. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Cant believe he still hasn't sold must be waiting for me :)
  12. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Oh - I thought you had snapped up the palomino!???
  13. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    No I wish I had. I would snap up one of Lena's babies like a shot but dont have spare cash at the moment.
  14. Here are pics of the bay left for sale. I did all I could to get his head out of the bucket with no success:wub:. I screamed, I jumped, I threw my hat at him - he wouldn't budge! His jaws kept on moving non stop, he takes his food seriously!:p

    He is awesome! Please don't hesitate to inquire:)
  15. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Oh he is nice :D
  16. He is the best foal out of this crop, and he is the last to sell';' because he is not a roan or a dilute?:stir:
    Bred in the purple too**), the dam is a National Champion Producer:rockon:
    Go figure!';'
    If someone is after a versatile, tall, strong, fast, athletic QH, Jet Blu is the horse for you! Plus his personality is absolutely amazing!:D
  17. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    it's because everyone knows he is mine:rockon::stir:*#)

    I do seriously like him and if he is anything like my old Boy (Jet boom blood lines) then you wont ever get a better horse.

    I am torn two ways Lena between not wanting him to sell so I have time to save up to buy him and knowing that I wont have the money for too long a time for that to be a possibility.

    Hope you find him the perfect home soon so I can stop dreaming lol.
  18. Yorkie

    Yorkie Well-known Member

    Aww if i had a good job with well paying money id by him.. he is a cutie
  19. Both boys have been sold. The bay is going to Albury, Vic. The red roan will be gelded next week and will go to north WA.
    The pally colt went to Katanning.
    Now we'll have to sit and wait for 2013 foal crop to arrive:).
    Bring it on, September!:D
  20. sandy81

    sandy81 Active Member

    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful babies this yr Coli:D

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