900,000 yearling.. cheapest horse care????

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by mzgtr, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    mzgtr - do not knock 'courses'. Yes you can learn alot at a workplace but the only problem with this is your only going to learn pretty much one method and one way of training.

    Get out there, go to courses and clinics that just about every horse owner does anyway. It may not be your cuppa tea but gaurentee you'll come away with atleast one thing you agree with and you can apply to your methods of training. I do not believe you can learn enough just at your work place.

    Even the most experienced of riders and top breeders attend clinics on how to handle / train horses and they make the top riders and breeders because they have wanted to educate themselves as much as possible.
    You can never know everything and one method is not going to work for every horse.
  2. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I would attend clinics if I had the time because I use to when I was younger and I love them though I don't have the time anymore... Most the clinics I attended was with my horse but i don't have a float anymore to transport a horse there...
  3. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thats ok, most offer 'fence sitting' where you can attend and watch and then most people don't mind you having a play with their horse anyway :).
    Or you can attend clinics where they are purely to watch only.

    Goodluck anyway.
  4. Lasix

    Lasix New Member

    mzgtr I think you've answered your own question (the original one before the thread went off on a bit of a tangent).

    You've said about your work that "In general it is a good place and majority of the horse's are very well manner" and that "i believe its a fantestic plave to work". However, your previous threads have been about the "few issues" that you have with the place. I.e. you have brought up the contentious issues you have seen at work.

    Same with the racing industry. Although on the whole the racing industry looks after its horses well you mostly hear about the the bad points. While people do sometimes emphasise the good points, usually there is far more discussion about what is "wrong" with racing. Hence, without firsthand knowledge it is possible to get a very unbalanced view of the industry.

    You wanted to know "why don't people mention all the good stuff about it?". Because the "good stuff" doesn't make for good discussion. It's far more interesting to debate the controversial issues. And just because there's heaps of discussion about the controversial issues doesn't mean that horses are badly treated in racing stables.
  5. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Anyone in the racing industry would know how to contact stewards.

    Just to clarify here: You mentioned that horses flip over backwards as a regular occurence and that staff consider this "normal". You mentioned that kicking horses "up the guts" is also a common occurence for horses that "are naughty". You mentioned that horses walk all over handlers. Most of the horse people on this forum would consider these things EXTREME.


    In a professional environment where staff are working with other people's asset it is NEVER appropriate to "lose ones cool" with horses.

    This is in contrast to your previous posts where horses injure themselves and are prone to walk over handlers

    Everything you have listed in previous posts is considered MAJOR.

    Is this why you have mentioned you are looking for another place to work because you don't like the methods at your current place of work?
  6. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I did not say kicking in the guts is a regular..... I did not say hose flipping happens all the time I said one person said that happensall the time who is not the main trainer..... Before you start making comments why don't you get you facts right and stop changing the wording of my sentences to suit yourself EVP...
  7. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Where did I say I'm looking for another to work..... pleas quote my sentence you think you saw that in...
  8. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    Thinkin isn't this the same great place doing a great job where the horses flip over? Mmmm hello complete contradiction....
  9. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Wow I saw one horse do it... shoot me dead like no horse has done something bad hello we have like over 60 or so horses each week something going to go wrong with one.... no contradiction....
  10. misskel

    misskel Well-known Member

    MZGTR numbers are by no means an indication of how well a place is run or how well things are done there or how well horses are treated. Hello, any idiot can place an ad in a newspaper "Wanted Horses to Pre train" or "Horse breaker has vacancies" and bingo the phone runs hot. Trust me I get asked all the time if I have room for more pre trainers. So dont ever think that just because this place has 60 horses in work that its some kind of horse haven.....
  11. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Well they are doing a good job because its always the same stable bringing the yearlings in....
  12. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    mzgtr you made it sound in earlier threads that flipping over was a common occurence.... now it's only one... I do apologise.
  13. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Im sorry I can not word my sentences better.... I just write what has happened for one day and it sounds like a write like it happens all the time
  14. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Ohhh, so it's only one horse is it now?

    Well here is what you said before in a previous thread - It certainly doens't sound like just one?

    Most horses??????
  15. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Yes that is what I was told by an employee.

    This is what happened I was at work second day and there are two people there that where allowed to beak in a horse, the horse was not an owner horse or a horse that was there to become a race horse was just a TB left at the place from somewhere who did not want it anymore. Anyway I walked over there to watch the person get on the horse it started playing up and started to rear. I was like to the other girl I would never get on that and I want to break in horse's but this puts me off. She said back to me well that is what happens when you break in horse's they will rear and most will flip. I was like really I have never seen a horse flip before. I was thinking to myself that is odd and wonder if this is true about horse's flip while being broken how would they stop this. So I come home decide to post this question because it was on my mind.
  16. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Mzgtr you post on a number of different forums and on at least one other non-horse forum get a really hard time about being genuine. In fact if you put the words "mzgtr" and "troll" into google a number of discussion forum threads come up *#) Personally I dont think this is very nice to you if you are genuine but I also think if I was posting on a number of forum and was getting accused of being a troll /inconsistent/trouble making etc I would be careful and more considerate about what I post.**)

    People enjoy this forum, I hope you do as well, but messing around with people whether intentionally or continually unintentionally on discussion forums is just not a very fair thing to do.

    I personally reckon you really have a lot of horse knowledge, so much that you know what triggers peoples attention and what are very wrong things to do that get a reaction. *#)
  17. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I always post questions about topics that I usually hear people talking about and wonder how people stop this behaviour because I'm interested as well
  18. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    Are you talking about boost cruising lol that car forum thats funny as... do you know how much sh*t people post on that and how much cr*p I talk on that... thats not even a true picture of me lol nor do I care what people think of me on there and I just play into their games lol.... though on here I'm actually interested in the topics I post care what people think on here because I have respect for people on here as most are not annoying immature childs who really have no clue what they are talking about....
  19. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    Yes but it looks like you are playing here as well *#) Sorry but it does. I really reckon you know about horses, why dont you use the time (instead of seeming like playing) to help people or at least have genuine discussions with them and not reactive ones.
  20. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I have had genuine discussion like my horse problems but everytime try have a genuine conversation then put pics up to back up what I'm saying I just get shut down with indirect insults

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