900,000 yearling.. cheapest horse care????

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by mzgtr, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I have a question for everyone.

    How come in the racing industry people will pay so much for yearlings some even getting into the millions but seem not to worry about the up keep of the horse and want to spend as less as possible.

    Like if the horse is having problems being ridden or when a horse flips over or having issues with something that it normally is quiet well behaved at people will just ignore it or just say its being "stupid" horse. When it may only need its back put back in or something like that......

    Then you hear about people who try get away with feeding their race horse's the cheapest feed they can find...

    Yet when everyday riders have issues with their horse the first thing people say is get its teeth check or back check or check the gear its wearing...

    Not saying all people do this and just what I hear....
  2. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    I don't think it's an industry specific problem. I've seen owners of losing racehorses treating their horse nicer than the way i've seen some 'hacks' treat theirs but I have also seen it the other way round. In our stables, our horses are wormed, shod and have their backs and teeth checked before we even get on them then their backs are checked again before they leave.
  3. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    Mzgtr suggest if your interested in the racing industry try going for a job with Gai Waterhouse, Bart Cummings, David Hayes or trainers in that calibre I think you will find that they really look after their million dollar plus horses, and they will be regularly wormed, teeth done, feet done, chirpractor etc etc their million dollar plus horses will also be sent to breakers who know enough about horses not to let them continually flip over (like monkey's in the circus).
  4. norrishbex

    norrishbex Well-known Member

    I think that you'll find that if a person can afford to spend that much money on a race horse they are going to send it to a very successful trainer. That trainer has become successful by treating their horses properly, which includes its feeding, physical and mental health.

    The problem is that no one reports on the good stuff that happens in the racing industry, only the bad stuff. Like any story, no matter what the subject, it isn't newsworthy unless its bad.

    While there is a bit of small scale miss-handling, the industry is certainly far more aware of the needs of the equine athlete than what most people give the industry credit for.
  5. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Woah, never really heard of anything like that.

    A horse won't do well, or win, if it is sore or sick. They are generally the most well cared for from what I've seen.

    ETA - Every single race horse that I know of gets fed extremellllllly well! I know the horses at the stables, get only the best feed, including if the lucerne or chaff is to dusty. They all look a million dollars and I believe this is reflected by their feed and general well being.

    Like Norrishbex said, the good is never brought out in the racing industry which is a shame because they are the horses that I've seen ( out of show hacks, eventers etc) that get the VERY best of care.
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  6. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    totally agreed norrishbex I really don't think if someone is going to spend over a million dollars ( or even 100,0000!) they are not going to look after the horse, just common sense really and totally agree the respected trainers and breeders of the racehorse industry are good horsepeople thats why they are where they are today! There is much good in the TB industry but you only here the bad stuff!
  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    mzgtr - it seems to me you need to get out more, go to different stables and experience different things. You have seem to set your POV and judgements on the one stable you work at and the things I have read coming from you is not fair on the rest of the racing industry.
    I believe you should work at many different stables before you try to judge everyone to be in the same box.
  8. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Well said!

    You seem to be constantly putting up negitive things about the industry. If you don't like it, get out of it then. But there are some FANTASTIC people, and trainers in it. Who ONLY care about the horses!
  9. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I know there are fantastic people in the industry. I'm just curious do you see some of the time when a horse is ill or maybe something bit off about it... It usually does not get reported and people who care end up finding later when it has become more serious. I thik its really hard to found great employees who actually care and take notice of things...
  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Again MZGTR/Cath have you posted these types of questions on CH?

    When do you think you'll be going for that new job at another horse facility? Sounds like it should be real soon.

    I think if you managed to get into a TAFE course or something you would get a good handle on what is deemed appropriate in the horse world and what isn't. The sooner the better!!!!

    I'm sure there are some courses available to someone in Beaconsfield? Or close by? Get on the net or get out the phone book......those courses usually start end Jan or Feb!!!
    Just think how well you'll be able to relate to/care for, your horses AND in your job when you get some education!!!

    Actually its really hard to find employees who know what they are doing! Or who are smart enough to be able to follow instructions, get the job done and safe safe doing it!
    You'll find that the only employees who can notice things are those that know what they are looking at. Some people in the horse industry don't know one end of a horse from the other!!
    But they still own horses, still buy horses and still get given horses!
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  11. mzgtr

    mzgtr Well-known Member

    I'm not wasting money on a course. I don't waste money of things that I have no need for. Thanks for your suggestion.

    I know you are having a dig at me when you say things like still own horse ... givin horses... I don't know why you still bother.... Because if your trying to get me upset not working....
  12. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Well I would suggest that someone who asks so frequently on such a miriad of questions about EVERY facet of horsemanship would not be wasting thier money.

    Horse handling, training, riding, feeding, breeding, healthcare...you name it mzgtr...you dont seem to know too much at all.

    Perhaps you need to deal with your ego first.
  13. CharlieChick

    CharlieChick Active Member

    All the race horses i have seen are the most shinnyest well fed horses i have every seen at my stable the horses are treated like babys so so well looked after :)* There wont win if they sick and unhappy:(
  14. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    Before moving over here I had to sell my beloved horse, and I sold him to a STB trainer - no he wasn't a standie, but a very nice (a bit bias here :)) pinto who has the talent to go far in the dressage world. He went to this home not because he would get out competing - he won't his new mum doesn't compete - but because I knew in my heart that he would have the BEST of everything from feed to farrier to vet EVERYTHING!!!! Hell I don't know of many pleasure riders willing to pay over $5k for a horse and not look after it.

    and because I miss him and love looking at him, the horse that stands out at the STB stable:



    Also if you don't feed it right or look after it properly the horse won't run and won't win, so I really don't think most trainers will miss treat their horses.
  15. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    I've tried to ignore a lot of the stuff you say mzgtr and think that you are a genuine person that has no real idea, however this particular thread really tends to show some true colours.You are questioning the TB industry, but in your own cupboard you house a colt that looks so wormy he looks like he needs the entire equmiec company on his side, with suspected stifle lock to boot and a mare with a knee injury that any knowledgable TB trainer would have had at a vet. goodness girl and you wonder why people are having ago at you. If your horses are sick stop writing on stockies and making a drama and call the vet. It's beyond a joke now.#(
  16. FDPH

    FDPH Guest

    let me tell you taking a course or educating yourself in some way wont be a waste of money.... and you obviously do have a need for it otherwise you wouldn't be asking for advise on this forum. the time you spend writing this stuff to stockies could be well spent on dedicating yourself to a little equine education.
    and as for having digs what do you expect you ask for it in every thread you start.
  17. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    Very, very well said FDPH**)**)
  18. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    yes yes mzgtr - take heed (do you know that means?) of the intrinsic wisdom henceforth pouring from the digits of nannygoat & FDPH.as combined entities,they are certainly in the negative as to whether they are dealing you out a snide or derogatory serving of choice & entirely appropriate morsels of sort after advice which you seem to crave (& indeed,invite) with your strange assortment of posts in every conceivable thread concurrently being held on above mentioned public cyber gathering.
    If you don't know what this is referring to,i can PM you.
  19. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    Agreed. :) **) Not funny, asking for advice and not take any of it.
  20. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    MZGTR/Cath. So far you have asked some very "unusual" questions about horses.....a bit like asking how to change gears in a car after you have been driving for 2 years.
    You have a sick yearling colt, an injured 2 year old thoroughbred filly, and a black mare. You continue to ask questions about how to care for them, how to treat their injuries, how to handle them. Yet on other forums you post with flair about techniques for handling young horses in reply to other people's "help threads"?

    For your own safety and the health and well-being of your horses enroll in some horsemanship courses. They aren't a waste of money and you would benefit from them greatly.

    It might also be something to keep in mind that some vets are good with horses and some aren't so good. With 2 extreme cases like your sick yearling colt and your filly you might need to consider getting other opinions. Last thing you want is to have someone (from your agistment or work place) call the authorities about the condition of your horses. If people think that an owner is incapable of handling health issues with their livestock they most always call the RSPCA. That would be a terrible shame!! :)*

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