25 ponies found dead off a cliff

Discussion in 'News Items' started by dramaqueen, Dec 19, 2011.

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    This is terrible, I hope they find out what happened.
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    that is really horrible they really need to found out who did that asap
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    oh thats just sad..poor ponies..RIP Little Ones :(

  5. cisco kristy

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    hope they find what happened
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    on the nine news website this evening :(

    Man to face court over pony deaths
    23:39 AEDT Thu Dec 22 2011

    A man will face court after the bodies of 25 ponies were found dumped near a cliff in northern NSW.

    Police received a call on Saturday afternoon that a large number of dead ponies had been seen.

    The tip-off led police to a truck parking bay, south of Old Ben Lomond Road near Glen Innes.

    After following tracks to a nearby cliff, officers discovered the bodies of 25 ponies of various colours and ages in the early stages of decomposition.

    An investigation into the deaths have led police to believe the animals were part of a group of 35 ponies that were loaded into a removalist truck in the Kingstown district.

    Police allege the truck was going to the north coast, but a lack of ventilation attributed to the death of the ponies.

    Two ponies survived the journey and have since been inspected by police in the northern part of the state.

    But the other eight ponies have yet to be found.

    On Thursday afternoon a 39-year-old Pottsville man was interviewed by police at his home.

    He was issued with a Future Court Attendance Notice for 25 counts of committing an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal.

    The man will appear in Glen Innes Local Court on February 14 next year.
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    I saw this on the telly just now. Got some tears going. Anyone else from around my way want to do something? Like an awareness raising protest our some such, and being the ponies/horses...(uh...on ventilated floats..).

    This is ridiculously upsetting and so needlessly cruel. Gah! GAHHHHH!!!
  8. Hen

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    Oh god that's horrific :( :mad:

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