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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Caroline, Jan 31, 2012.

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    These comments show what you know of the breed AND the equine industry in general. If you had a broad knowledge of standardbreds and harness racing you would know that racing at 10 is considered a great achievement.
    Taking into account 50% of horses bred are going to be fillies - those usually go into a breeding program well before they are 15!!!

    Whatever your gripe is with race horse breeders perhaps its better to have some facts on hand. This is always helpful when one starts throwing around the eggs. That way they don't end up on ones' face. :)*
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    I think everyone should start using facts ;)
  3. EVP

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    Plenty of facts have been posted. Unfortunately some people prefer to just use "opinions" in their replies.
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    not to create waves, I just have an interest to research this further.

    but where do you get the 80 - 20 figure from?

    has there been a study done on australian numbers, breeding for pleasure vs racing and where can I read up on these?
    and the numbers of what breeds of horses end up at the slaughterhouse in Australia?

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    I googled the same thing Sunline. Will try and find you the articles I found which suggest very different to 80-20. Mind you, they ARE by anti-racing type groups, so may be bias.
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    Thanks for that :)

    The first article was good, and it was interesting to see when I was in Japan they had horse sashimi on the menu.. and I did wonder where it came from.

    microchipping does seem like a good idea, to track a horse from birth to death, and will help in the neglect/abuse cases. Although the Greyhound industry are very against chipping.

    Food for thought.
    anyway sorry for going a bit off topic.
  8. smash

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    well i have to say that your "quotes" are for OPINIONS,
    NOT "valid opinions" as there is no meaning for "valid opinions".
    You can "validate" an opinion by drawing on experience or FACTS.

    Since this is about "opinions" at the moment, well if you validate an opinion from drawing on "experiences" then wouldnt OM opinions be more valid as she/he has experience on the standardbred pleasure life than you do, as your experience is with the standardbred racing life only.
    wouldnt one or two posts be enough to get your opinion across instead of nearly 20 posts lol

    when someone is looking for a standardbred for endurance, the last thing they are planning to do with it is getting it ready for the Olympics !!!!
    standardbreds make fantastic endurance horses, so i have no idea what the fricken who ha is all about anyway.
  9. smash

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  10. myyky

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    No worries :)
  11. EVP

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    I'm sorry but opinions are really watery. I could believe the world was flat and expressed that opinion, the fact is it's not. Same applies to expressing any opinon that is not supported by a good dose of fact & experience - otherwise your world is just flat. And making that known is perfectly OK and some great talkas result in swapping those thoughts and views. But it doesn't serve the education purpose.

    No. OM has no experience with the racing industry therefore his/her opinion is based on "the world is flat" theory. Fortunately I have experience in both areas. Having dealt with re-homing standardbreds for 16 years via organised groups, on a personal level (my own horses), and as an advocate for individual horses who through no fault of their own become victims of unhappy new owners.

    OM seems to have preconceived ideas about standardbreds based on his own backyard. That is the basis of his opinion. That is his/her reality, just like "the world is flat" idea. What is ACTUAL happens outside ones backyard, and it is here you will find your validated opinion. I do however have opinions based on my own world is flat ideaolgy, but I would never hold them up as reasons enough to enter into discussion. They are just my own backyard sentiments. I think avocado tastes like soap - opinion or fact?

    I understand this might be hard for some people to understand but I'm sure all those sailors found it extraordinary when they sailed to the horizon and found that the world is bigger than their own backyard.

    Sorry but unlike some I don't participate to "get my opinion across".....that would be like joining threads just to browbeat and put a sly slipper in wouldn't it? When someone replies to a thread isn't it a natural progression to reply to the post especially when being accused of breeding horses for dog food? Or that a race horse breeder has no scruples because they sell their horses through sales?

    Yes Smash you are entitled to your opinion about standardbreds making fantastic endurance horses. I must have missed your announcement about you owning a race horse because I know you wouldn't be joining the thread just to have a slipper workout.
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    During the EI crisis in 2007, the Dept of Ag in all states along with vested interest groups like EFI, AHIC, AJC and breed associations, helped put together figures that could be used to form strategies for the ecomomic protection of the equine industry. Because it was the first time the equine sector had been threatened on such a large scale it became clear the only way to gauge certain things was to attribute a dollar value to each corner of the industry. We had no tracking system of animal numbers and it was these groups above who were providing their own stats to the government. 80/20 was the figure touted as the reasoning behind calls for vaccination protocols. The racing industry said that while they formed only 20% of the entire equine population that they actually contributed to the economy more than the 80% performance/recreational sector. At the time is was a very hot issue as those figures formed the basis for propose strategies to vaccinate & allow movement.

    The media were relentless in their assumption that the eventusl spread of EI came via the recreational sector because we had no bio routines, (and regardless of the fact that is was a TB that let it out in the first place).

    Lots of groups and associations were appauled that the contributions of the recreational sector was considered negligible and was scoffed at for weeks as being unviable and unimportant enough to consider during talks on containment, or welfare support, or financial assistance. Only later after lots of noise did things get a bit of equity. There were some wonderful people in Qld that formed groups and protests and demanded to be allowed access to talks with government officials.

    While those figures of 80/20 were gathered quickly so that horses could be turned into a dollar value (which then converts to responses of aid ect), I think they reflect the number of non-race horses in this country. The other contentious issue was the numbers of wild horse populations across the country.....which I remember reading and being horrified.
    I can't remember the number stated, but a friend of mine provided his DPI rep with numbers of brumbys around the greater Kingaroy areas as being around 16,000!!

    There are only 4000 standardbred foals born each year in Australia. Less from year to year. I'd think there would be far more QH's, ASH's, warmbloods, Arabs and others born every year!!

    Some simply maths of the numbers of Pony Clubs members shows that race horses only form a very small percentage of the equine population......lolol
  13. smash

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    you have already thanked me once in this thread, no need to repeat yourself lol
  14. EVP

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    Only one "thank you" I can see. And I am so glad that you appreciate my generous spirit. :)*
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    Not all breeders would post things about Standardbreds as "only good for bush wacking " and " slab sided,cart horse not for riding " .

    These are the breeders who must be breeding the dog food.

    Not a small time breeder who takes the time to promote and rehome the standy as a worth while riding horse after racing if sound enough for the job.

    I know that some trainers and breeder:mad:s do try to rehome thier horses. That is how I got my current 2.

    My quotes are taken directly from this thread, and from people who profess to love the breed.

    The horses life does not need to end after racing. As breeders of these animals the riding of these horses (if sound enough) after racing should be encoraged not talked down by the very people producing the animals.
  16. EVP

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    I think you might find that the person who posted this comment is NOT a standardbred breeder. They are a rider. *correct here if I am wrong* Considering the number of people who post and ask questions about ways to stop a standardbred from pacing - its not surprising that a rider has these views - they've probably ridden a standardbred!

    Your other comments also show how much you don't know about the racing industry.
    1) Trainers can only re-home horses after consulting with OWNERS. They do not have the authority to give away or sell horses without consent.

    2) How can a breeder give away a horse unless they are the breeder/owner/trainer? Not every breeder remains the owner of a race horse...in fact most don't.

    I have never heard of a standardbred breeder who takes the time to promote and rehome all their failed race horses. If they have the time to promote a horse as a riding horse after it finishes racing then no wonder they are only "small-time".....they wouldn't have time to devote to training race horses!
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  17. Leti loves Elmo

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    Did you ever stop to think that not ALL off the track horses are suitable for rehoming once retired? As the majority arent. But you NOT being involved in the industry what so ever would not understand that. I would like to rehome all of my ones but I also dont want to see them neglected in a paddock as so many off the do end up. I just rehomed one 4 month ago and he is now on gumtree for $300 and the picture he is unweight and clearly not happy. I really didnt want to rehome this horse as he was ugly, spooky and just a bad temperment but the owners insisted. No happy ending there.

    But I also just rehomed one 3 weeks ago and got a lovely msg from the lady I gave him to saying thank you so much he is wonderful etc. I choose to rehome him as he is a lovely horse and it paid off.

    Others that I have choosen not to rehome were ugly, un sound, bad conformation, bad manners, bad temp, the list goes on. Why rehome something like this that no one can love? I do this because I do love horse and I DO love the breed.

    Seriously old mate. A lot of trainers/ friends I talk to choose to put down as they cant stand the thought of them being neglecting as the huge majority do not because they are heartless and dont have the time. So just take this into consideration
  18. kp

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    I agree with the statement that most Standardbreds are just bush whackers. If someone goes out looking for a standardbred as a serious competition mount under saddle I would seriously be questioning there sanity. Love them or not it is near on impossible to find a standardbred with the conformation and movement that would see them excel in open hacking, dressage or show jumping. Good low level horses absolutely, some of them are very good. However most are suited as bush hacks, endurance horses, companion horses or just confidence builders.
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    Unfortunately in this case emotion over-shadows reality. It is much better forum fodder to make outrageous statements based on what you see and do in your own backyard. Its not surprising that lots of people still think the world is flat.....lolol ;)
  20. Caroline

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    EVP you so need to get a life!! You so really knock the breed you apparently love and breed and........

    You are a very aggressive, confrontational, judgemental, sad person. This forum sounds like it is your whole life!

    You do not let things or opinions go, as no member cud ever have the same correct valid opinion as yours. No one is ever as correct as you!!

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