2009 Pre Royal Show

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by mudslide, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Agree Remanni,
    My little man has to compete against those beautiful big Anglos etc as well, we go cause I LOVE to show, and one day the judge might just love him who knows...just go and have a go and enjoy...it keeps the shows alive:))

    Winnie is all ready to go, I am looking forward to the day...
  2. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Not too sure where you are looking but the welsh classes are split at this show ( and have been at all the dilute run shows this year )
  3. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Looks split on my program :S

    I am not going :( Bundy is still a hairy yak and the others still aren't right. Have fun everyone, can't wait to see the pictures!
  4. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    A friend and i called the organiser that morning, and were told that all the welsh sections were together????
  5. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    I was logged in as my mum, this was written by me though:p
  6. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    I had no calls today about welshies :confused: and just checked with the OH and he said that he had no one ask him that question either.......
  7. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    On the pre royal program on cavalletti, all the welsh are combined and there is no grand champ welsh. My friend spoke 2 a lady called Rosie, whose number is on the program for enquiries.
  8. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Can someone please tell me whether welsh are combined or not? Theres still enough time for 2 welshies to be washed hahaha
  9. JSP

    JSP Well-known Member

    L&B you are looking at a program for a different show!!

    The Pre Royal run by Dilutes Australia is held at Muchea and has split classes for welsh.

    It looks like there is another pre royal show held tomorrow at kirup :)

    and here i was think mudslide had ghosts at her house LOL *#)*#)
  10. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    The welsh classes at Dilutes Australia WA Branch 2009 Pre Royal Show are split and yes there is a Grand Champion Welsh
    There is no Rosie as a contact for us, and your friend may have rung up for the Kirup Pre Royal show on the same day as our Pre Royal

    So do you have time to wash or not?????**)
  11. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Ha Lizzie you beat me to it *#)
    2 Pre Royals on the same day slightly ironic :p
  12. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Hahahahahahaha O MY GOSH!!! 3.30itis lol yes wash time will be from 6am tomorrow morning!

    Sorry, i take back everything ive said, dilutes pre royal is not a disspointment **)
  13. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Thats alright but whack your friend over the head with the show program for getting it really wrong lol ( and yes I am kidding *#))
  14. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    good luck to all those competing and dont forget to post results and pics :)
  15. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Good luck to all those competing tomorrow. Fingers crossed for fine weather.

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