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    Hey guys
    If you read the guidelines for turnout of arabian ponies on the Australian society website it states that they can be shown either plaited or unplaited and either presented in a arabian halter or an english bridle. Most of the ponies over east are actually shown plaited mane and forlock but unplaited tail, with most opting for a arabian halter.:)
    I personally think you have to judge the type of your pony. If you have a pony that has a alot of arab type then i think Plaited or unplaited/arabian halter is the way to go. But if it is very pony in type, then definately plaited/english bridle maybe even an arabian halter. It really comes does come down to personal preference.:D

    I know my boy will be going unplaited with an arab halter as he is very arab in type and just wouldn't suit a bridle. Plus he is a paly so i have to keep his mane long for the Dilute champs too! (otherwise i might consider plaiting him.....arrgghh bloody catch 22!) *#) But i think he'll look lovely either way!

    But no you won't be marked down in anyway for not doing one or the other....i hope that helps?!!?**)
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    You can turn out either way and wont be marked down as such but if it comes down to a very hard choice between 2 horses presentation is usually the deciding factor
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    Scorpio, as you own a derivative stallion you need to be a member of the AHSA. If you want discounted show entries, show schedules sent out and semi-regular newsletters then join WAAHA as well :)
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    I just saw the ad in the paper and they have named the judges now.

    The inhand judge is Ali Shaarawi

    and the ridden judge is F. Davies-Graham

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