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  1. Linnybear

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    Excellent point Bethy, When I bought Komotion from Forrest Hill (many moons ago) it was coincidence that Peter Pond was actually judging our Junior Showcase that year. It was within the 3 month period, and if I had not known and entered him, would I have been refunded my entry (probably not) and if I had shown him, boy would s#@t have hit the fan! So does everyone that has had anything to do with anyone that may judge arabians from the eastern states have to phone the committee and ask if that person is judging or not :confused: I am not including the overseas judge in this comment.

    I can't believe that WAAHA can make such decisions, are these points ever put to their members. And if it has been brought to light that someone in the past has contacted the judge/s then why have we, the members not been informed of this before :( Why punish all members for one? persons stupidity #(

    Oh, and I am on a Committee and have been for over 10 years, and I know exactly what is involved.
  2. samm

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    Well really the WAAHA have put themselves in a difficult position here not naming the judge as as per rule 8.5 of the Rulebook it states : "No exhibitor may compete in any class being adjudicated by a Judge
    who is not permitted to judge the exhibit/exhibitor as stipulated in Rules
    for Judges. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure eligibility for a
    class. Where any ineligibility to compete may occur, the competitor (not
    the Judge) should withdraw from the event."
    So how can a person determine eligibility if the judge isn't named??

    I have put my time in on the committee ,I know what it's like to sit the other side of the fence.I gave up my time and didnt show my horses for the period I was on the committee and was often the first there and last to leave alongside the then President for numerous shows.
  3. Arnie

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    So why exactly are the names withheld? Why the big secret?
  4. Arnie

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    P.S Lanie - you free sometime today for me to call? (home or mobile?). I don't want to call just incase your having a nanny nap after all that foal watch your having to do :p.
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  5. princeton

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    I dont really care whether I know whos judging or not.....even if I DID know the name, not like I would know them anyway LOL!

    I do breed shows for fun...no wait, thats a lie...I dont even think its that fun lol...I get someone else to do it!*#) :p

    I understand that it means a lot to some people, and that maybe the WAAHA is putting themself in hot water by not advertising who the judge is.....

    But I am not on the committee and certainly wouldnt put my hand up to be, so I take my hat off to those that are:))) **)
  6. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    I have been reading this thread with much interest... put my thinking cap on....

    *I dont think people are saying that the Committee Members arent working hard... I am sure everyone appreciates the work each committee member does as a volunteer... most of us have done the same sort of thing at some stage of our lifes - we all had to roll with the punches, you take these sort of things on being on a committee, weither you like it or not...

    For the rulings that Samm has named above (per rule 8.5 of the Rulebook ) this is a fair question!

    *One of the reasons given for NOT naming the judges was...
    ’The judges aren't named yet as in the past people have contacted them for some reason or another.'......

    WHY punish the rest of the competitors for some that have done the wrong thing?
    a) The judges would be proffessional enough to not respond to being contacted by a competitor
    b) If they are - surely they can report that person to the committee?

    I think that the organisers of the show need to listen to the majority of the competitors who are obviously unhappy that the Judges are not named and make some form of correct statement to either...
    1) Release the names
    2) State the reasons they will not be named

    Ok... thinking cap off now! ;)
  7. JPH

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    Well I did actually put my hand up to be on the committee. I went to a meeting, formally joined and was all ready and fired up to get involved and help move things forward. Shortly after that the committee decided to get together and try to ban Eastern States handlers from coming to our Show. As I and many of my friends use an Eastern States handler my opinion wasn't desired and I guess they didn't want me to have the heads up. So they held a secret meeting which I wasn't invited to so they could discuss the issue. When I found out and questioned the secrecy, I copped an earful of abuse and got told to butt out.
    So I stopped going after that. How does one achieve anything on a committee if you're not even invited to the meetings? Alone I was wasting my time.
    It's exactly this secrecy nonsense they're trying to pull again by not naming the judges. If people are stalking the judges, which I doubt, then they should be banned from competing. Any professional judge would simply hang up on anyone who tried to contact them or turn the name over to the society to deal with. And what's to stop the committee from contacting the judge? We'd never even know.
  8. WPA

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    I have never been on the WAAHA committee, but have been on numerous other sports committees including football and cricket clubs.

    As I have seen on every single occassion, it is always the same people doing all the work and I might add, very much appreciated. In saying that, I have found that most of those same people decided that they will have all the say and will in most cases, not usually listen to the majority of its members. It is their way or the highway. Stuck in their ways.

    There is almost always, "discussions" about numerous items that end up getting out of hand, but is always resolved by a few set in their way committee members.

    The WAAHA work hard for all of us, I know, but I always thought they were open to members views and ideas for the good of all. Sometimes I wonder if these committees liken themselves to a private club.

    In saying this, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please everyone all of the time.

    To be quite frank, I couldnt care less who the judge is, I will always enjoying showing our horses...............because, I, like a lot of people out there, show for the love of it, not just for a piece of satin ribbon!


    ps. And, YES, this is my final say on this issue.......:) :)
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  9. Mystique

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    I will be taking Mystique in the over 12yrs mare class (oldies) was thinking of doing ridden but we havnt ridden properly in years she has been having to much fun chasing cows and we are doing barrel racing this sunday as well. oh and i will be doing a few other classses with her as well... :)
    shall be a great day and im looking forward to it :D
  10. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    She is the current State Champ mare 12yrs and over :D.
  11. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    **changes the topic**

    Whats the Arab Pony turnout usually like?

    I'm thinking of taking my filly as she has decided lately that she is loving being part arab and isn't afraid to show the world lol

    She is half Conny so has the thick curly mane and tail which I am not cutting, is this acceptable for this show? She will be scrubbed squeeky clean with a brown leather filly slip....would LOVE some advice...**)
  12. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Hey Bon & Ted, most/all of the arab ponies you will find plaited and presented as hacks/show ponies. The turnout from memory wasnt big at the all arabian earlier in the year. :)*
    Someone might be able to tell you a little more im used to the purebreds.
    It would be a hard class to judge seeings as there would be anything from a part welsh to something like your girl a connie cross.. :)
  13. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    I've never attended the Arab State show but I would assume presentation would be of a very high standard.
    Arab ponies are normally shown fully plaited and turned out like show ponies.
    Happy to be corrected though if that isnt the case at the States :)
  14. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    thinkin of takin mia in the arabian riding pony classes :)*
  15. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Oh ok thanks guys!

    mmm..you are right Jadelise they vary so much from the finer types to the heavier set ones like my little girl.

    Still worth a shot though **) She wouldn't suit plaiting up, but we may aswell give it a go **)

    Will take her to a couple of smaller shows first though just to soak up the atmosphere ;)
  16. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member


    Definately plait your girl up, and give her a trim aswell, you want her to fit in if your going to take her to an A class show for one of her first ones,

    Good Luck!!:)
  17. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Woops sorry just re-read my post, nah the girl won't be plaited. I am not cutting into that lovely mane, it's so soft and thick and curly lol.

    I meant may aswell give it a go unplaited, I don't really mind if she doesn't get a look in, but I think she is a quality girl without needing plaits to highlight that **)
  18. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    My Arabian Pony filly is always presented plaited (but in a cable), im showing her at this States unplaited & in a cable still.
    Being shown in a cable unlike a bridle/leather halter has not affected her placings.
  19. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    All the partbreds i have shown or presented pony or not have been showen plaited. My purebred is showen free but she may be showen plaited this yr tho.
  20. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Personal preference on the plaiting, but most derivatives are shown plaited, I have always shown my arab pony plaited (and in a cable halter), she is 75% arab so the cable suits, and the plaiting makes her look more like a riding horse :)

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