100 horses bolt at riding camp

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Nannoo, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Nannoo

    Nannoo Well-known Member

  2. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    It really makes you wonder eh.....';' poor kids, victoms of silly adult choices...gee - thats a novel idea....
  3. sil

    sil Gold Member

    It's very easy to cast blame but let it be a lesson in how powerful the flee instinct is for horses in a herd situation. It is, after all, what gave us the racing industry.
  4. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Ditto. And the more you get, the stronger the instinct is. I honestely cannot Phathom the logic behind 100 horses and young riders, and only 6 responsible riders....actually the 6 riders doesnt really matter - its the 100 horses with kids on them bother me....
  5. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    im suprised nobody thought that might be a bad idea in the first place

    i dont think even if most of them knew the one rein stop it might not have help if 100 horses took off.

    glad i wasnt on that ride thats for sure

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