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    [imgleft]http://www.stockyard.net/images/spec3_comp.jpg[/imgleft]“SPECK OF CONCLUSIVE” AQHA USA Frozen Semen

    1990 Chestnut Stallion
    16.0HH; HYPP N/N, Herda testing Not Required.

    Pedigree - Speck of Conclusive Quarter Horse

    $1350.00 for 2 doses (2 pregnancies permitted). Very good high concentrated semen with progeny on the ground. Limited number of services.

    Stallion Show Record for Speck Of Conclusive:
    Superior Halter
    ROM Halter

    Stallion Offspring Record for Speck Of Conclusive:
    ROM Halter Offspring
    Halter Money-earners
    Halter Point Earners
    Performance Point Earners

    Own son of the multiple world Champion and Multiple world Champion producer “HINT OF CONCLUSIVE”

    Sire of Champion Quarter Horses, Paints and Appaloosas, including the dam of one of the top 5 all around performance horses in the US “Look Who’s Larkin Now”

    Speck is the only son of “HINT OF CONCLUSIVE” with semen or offspring in Australia

    Stallion Show Record for Hint Of Conclusive:
    World Champion
    Top Ten World Show
    Superior Halter
    Stallion Offspring Record for Hint Of Conclusive:
    Supreme Champion Offspring
    World Champion Offspring
    Reserve World Champion Offspring
    Top Ten World Show Offspring
    Superior Halter Offspring
    Superior Performance Offspring
    AQHA Champion Offspring
    ROM Halter Offspring
    ROM Performance Offspring
    NRHA Money-earners
    NSBA Money-earners

    Outstanding Offspring for Hint Of Conclusive:
    A Pretty Hint, WP LTE-$2,801.78
    A Real Good Hint, H: 7.5, P: 129; Res. World Champion Jr. TR, 5th, World Championship SB WP
    Aint I Conclusive, 870 Pts.; AMT Supreme Champion, Versatility Champion;, Superior AMT All-Around
    Hint Again, WP LTE-$2,328.79, Res. World Champion 2-Yr-Old SB WP; Superior AMT WP
    Hints Coosa, HLT LTE-$1,304.25
    Hints Honor, PHBA World Champion O & AMT Aged Geld.
    Hintson, HLT LTE-$2,471.92
    Incredible Hint, Res. World Champion O & AMT Weanling Geld.
    MS MBJ Hint, HLT LTE-$1,946.18
    Rocky Conclusions (PT), WP LTE-$4,469

    Contact Lena Rasmussen
    Coliban QH stud
    mob 0428711031;
    ph/fax 0898711031(a/h)
  2. FDPH

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    See this stud horse has more performance point earning progeny than halter earning progeny... impressive stats for a halter horse, actually Lena this horse looks OK for a "piece of string"(halter) horse!!. Will you be shipping frozen semen to eastern states interested parties?
  3. hehehe FDPH*#)
    I am a bit hehe "surprised":confused: with your comment! Lol!
    Knowing first hand you like them ridable, I was expecting you to have a go at me for getting into Halter horse breeding! lol!:p
    Thanks for a positive comment, mate!:)*
    Progeny of Speck do Halter and Ride, and that's what I was after!:)
    He is more Performance than Halter bred anyway!;)
    Would you be interested in breeding to Speck?:p
  4. FDPH

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    Lena..... I LOVE you!!
  5. Marianne

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    Holy Moly, could get a few good rump steaks off that butt.
  6. domingo

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    wow Marianne, exactly what I was thinking, lol :D
  7. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Congratulations Lena I think Speck of Conclusive is a great mix of halter and performance bloodlines. I have done it myself and it works great. He's a very handsome yet still elegant looking stallion.

    Mocha that pic is just awful that poor horse, but unfortunately it is a man made genetic disaster. The halter breeders in the US are finally waking up to their mistakes though and are crossing over their bloodlines to performance bred horses. I can't remember his name but the 2008 or 2007 world champ stallion was by a TB stallion:))

    Thanks for sharing though as I think its utterly shameful. There is some gossip on the ole grapevine that a son of his is coming to WA I dread the thought#(


  8. Thanks Zoo!:)*
    Speck is an aged stallion (18yo). Back then breeders were producing a versatile quarter horse, keeping a good dose of performance genetics in their halter horses. And that's what I am after - looks plus performance!
  9. ******bump!******:)*
  10. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

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    Me too:)*



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